Category: Conservation

  • Lake Lanier Water Levels

    Lanier with a planned pool level of 1071′ above sea level is .42″ above full pool. The highest lake levels ever recorded were in 1964 at 1077.15′ above sea level. February of 2019 ended with near high pool levels at 1076.1′ on Feb. 25. On Feb 28 the US Army Corp of Engineers let out […]

  • Grand Canyon Georgia

    If you want to see the Georgia Grand Canyon you had better hurry, it may erode away in the next 200 years. Located west of Lumpkin is Providence Canyon State Park, a small attraction of great beauty where layers of sand, clay and minerals nicely managed by the State of Georgia. Ten miles of trails […]

  • Atlanta Roofing

    From Lawrenceville to Atlanta Georgia and Buford and Braselton the Huntsvilla Thermal Window Service Company that is an excellent choice for Thermal Window replaces all over the greater Atlanta Area. Huntsvilla Thermal Window Service can replace and maintain your Thermal Windows to keep the windows running smoothly. Our Thermal Window technicians are well trained and […]

  • If you’re a worm …

    Shel Silverstein, Born 1930 Chicago, died 1999 Key West

  • Qumran scrolls 2017

    First reported at the Jerusalem Post here, 

  • LED Power Consumption

    With promises of 20 year lifespans and energy efficiency,

  • Rainforest conservation

    Brazilian rain forest (aka jungle) – some

  • Michigan Copper mining in 1000 BC

    Geologists who study copper reserves around Lake Superior

  • Keeping your Garden water clean

    Stone fountains, waterfalls and fish ponds

  • Wind Energy

    Wind industry officials and lobbyists continue to understate greatly the full, true cost of electricity from wind and have been successful in creating a false “popular wisdom” about wind energy.