Lake Lanier Water Levels

Lanier with a planned pool level of 1071′ above sea level is .42″ above full pool. The highest lake levels ever recorded were in 1964 at 1077.15′ above sea level.

February of 2019 ended with near high pool levels at 1076.1′ on Feb. 25. On Feb 28 the US Army Corp of Engineers let out 8,631 cubic feet per second, both as excess and power generation. The highest discharge levels were 1990 Feb 26 with 9,827 cuft per second outflow.

The highest rainfall levels for 2019 came on June 9, with a 2 inch total, and on August 2, 2000 a whopping 5.9 inches fell.

The hydro power generation of the dam typically runs between 150 MWH and 500 MWH, but on Jan. 16, 2019 power generation reached 2,354 MWH.

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