Keeping your Garden water clean

Stone fountains, waterfalls and fish ponds in your garden all need filtration, because your outdoor stone landscape probably does not have the capacity for a complete ecosystem.

If you are not filtering, or your pond, fountain or waterfall is in need of cleaning, especially if you are not filtering or your filtering has not been maintained, you will want to clean and maintain your water effects including water treatment and filtration. Some even enjoy a complete cleaning as an annual ritual in maintaining their water garden.

Store fish and plants in the original water in large tubs. With cement ponds, check for cracks and reseal them with mortar and waterproof paint. With a plastic or rubber liner, clean with a very mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Refill with the garden hose, but with fish and plants allow at least 48 hours for water temperature to equalize with the tubs of fish and plants before reintroducing.

Your filtration is probably organic/biological or mechanical. The nice thing about organic filters is that they may not need any maintenance each year. In fact they work better once the biological filtering has established itself and aerobic bacteria to break down the buildup of ammonia associated with fish. Note that organic filters prefer a lot of oxygen in the water that can come from plant life in your pond or bubblers and aerators. Mechanical filters can be paper, sponge or wool, and will require cleaning or replacement several times a year. Other mechanical filters can be back-flushed periodically. For non biological effects, like some fountains and waterfalls, there are also chemical systems, from chlorine and algaecides to specific outdoor pond products like Zeolite™ chippings.

With fish and plants it is important to test water pH, nitrates and nitrites, NH and proteins, all need to be at proper levels to support your aquatic biologics. We can help you build a small, medium or large underground rain recycling system to store water for garden effects, irrigation, and even water storage to reduce watering bills during droughts and watering bans.

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