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  • Conyers Cloud 2021

    Windows 7, Vista and XP computers connected to the internet or used for email are sometimes bit by a computer virus, mal-ware or scare-ware that comes from a web-site we should not have visited or an email from an associates computer that was used by a virus on their end. Conyers virus removal is available […]

  • Latest wannacry operating systems involved

    Reports of the latest ransomware threats fail to provide precise descriptions of what computer systems are at risk, and how to protect computers and windows from virus attacks like the one happening in the Ukraine. Windows operating systems affected and the steps used to protect computers are better outlined in a description of operating systems […]

  • Transformers

    As the story goes, the great Nikola Tesla, who worked for Thomas Edison for a time, ushered in modern electricity by inventing a system of alternating current that was completely different from the vision of Thomas Edison, and completely new to the world. But the truth is that the electric generator, the foundation of the […]

  • Hurley’s Dream

    The unlucky numbers in Lost are 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42

  • Network Install

    Do you need faster, more reliable

  • Cloud Database considerations

    So the cloud, for big businesses and the home computer user, has become a part of day to day life

  • Hanging with friends Cheat

    …using technologies often called ‘restful’

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  • Web Design Atlanta

    Web design and SEO, the art, that is, of appearing for relevant searches. High Google ranking, and also Bing and Yahoo, are as important to a business as their logo and business cards.