Hanging with friends Cheat

…using technologies often called ‘restful’ that rely on swapping small packets of information between your computer screen and the cloud …

The popular games on Facebook™ and Zynga™ based on Scrabble™ challenge our minds and improve our vocabularies at the same time. But sometimes we strive to get a leg up on our competition, or just have a reference to help us with our home gaming experience where we need to check our words for validity.

I myself like to pass the time, especially with the youngsters, with games of hangman. It is always good to have some challenging words in my arsenal and I have discovered a resource that helps me to hone my inventory of clever words. Hangman is a remarkable game, so simple and yet rewarding. Some of my adult friends also seek to challenge my hangman skills, and I take great pride in trying to never be beaten.

Crossword puzzles are another good use for the problem of knowing a letter or two, and needing to calculate a way to get a word to fit into a certain space. A while ago, I had a crossword dictionary. It had words split into the number of letters, so it was like a regular dictionary but it had three letter words, four letter words, five letter words, etc. This worked well when I knew the first letter of my word. But now, with more advanced tools at our disposal it is easy to find words with a letter in almost any position.

The modern age of cloud based dictionaries and databases has given us really powerful tools to fall back on for the the toughest crossword puzzles. I can compare the situation to the modern auto parts store, where we use the computers to look up the parts. In times past, I marvelled at some of the employees that had years of experience in the Auto Parts Business. They just knew the parts. But now we have more parts than ever, and rely on the computers to help us look things up.

In the same way, our English language and its dictionary are now accessible in a computer format. The large volume of words in our language are placed in a highly accessible computerized database that is accessible by word length and letters in any postion, with abilities to seek for more than one letter possibility on a position or multiple letters in different positions. The user experience is rapid and convenient, using technologies often called ‘restful’ that rely on swapping small packets of information between your computer screen and the cloud where computations are performed with powerful servers to find word candidates. Other technology terms that are used are Json, XML, Ajax and Javascript, but the end result is to interact quickly and not wait around to get your word.

So go where I go for a hanging with friends solver, which is www.hanginghyena.com