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LAN client / server Novell NetWare to Microsoft Windows NT Server, IBM LAN Server Banyan VINES of UNIX Linux LAN Client / Server

In the strictest sense, the term client / server describes a system in which a client machine requests a second machine called a server running a specific task. The client is usually a common personal computer connected to a LAN, and server is usually a host machine as a file server PC, a UNIX file server or a mainframe or midrange computer. The client program performs two distinct functions: one handles the communication with the server, requests a service and receives the data sent by it. In addition, it handles the user interface: it presents the data in the appropriate format and provides the tools and commands for the user to use the services of the server easily. The server program instead basically just has to take care to transmit information efficiently. It has to cater to the user.

In this way a single server can service multiple clients simultaneously. Some of the main LAN client / server with dedicated servers that can perform work for clients including Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Banyan Vines and LAN Server, IBM and others. All of these network operating systems can operate and process requests for applications running in customers through the same processing applications. Back to topics in this section of Novell NetWare Novell’s approach to service user LAN is unique in that it has chosen to concentrate efforts on the production of software running on the network hardware from other manufacturers. NetWare runs on virtually any IBM or compatible, and runs on all hardware from leading manufacturers of LAN products including Apple Macintosh and ARCnet.

Novell’s philosophy is to become an industry standard through market dominance. The network operating system Novell, NetWare, can run on several different topologies. Depending on the hardware you select, NetWare runs on a network configured as a star, star cluster, Token Ring and even a bus. NetWare NetWare architecture is designed to provide real support network file server. In the OSI model, the software Novell file server resides in the application layer, while the disk operating software (DOS) is in the presentation layer. The file server software forms a cover around the operating systems like DOS, and is capable of intercepting application program commands before they reach the processor, operating system commands.The user workstations are not aware of this phenomenon, just ask a data file or a program without worrying about where it is located. Managing Files on NetWare NetWare allows the supervisor to set the directory access.