Grand Canyon Georgia

If you want to see the Georgia Grand Canyon you had better hurry, it may erode away in the next 200 years. Located west of Lumpkin is Providence Canyon State Park, a small attraction of great beauty where layers of sand, clay and minerals nicely managed by the State of Georgia.

Ten miles of trails can be navigated in a single day, the canyon sides drop more than 100 feet from the coastal plains north to the levels that lead five miles to the elevation of the Chattahoochie River. Because of the soft soil and the river to the west, this erosion has been occurring for thousands of years.

Backcountry Trail – Blazed red.

As a word of warning, the seven mile Back-Country trail loop is rated extremely difficult. Do not attempt without proper footwear, buddies and ample water. In the state park system, red blazing denotes the highest level of hiking difficulty.

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