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At click the Household Inventory button to take a household inventory for moving and relocating. Whether you are using a moving company, or a container company, it is useful to make your own estimate of the weight and volume in cubic feet of your household goods. There is no obligation for using the online cubesheet calculator and it is available most of the time when server capacity permits. You will need to use your email address and create a password to use the free online cubesheet calculator, and then you can go from room to room on your ipad or tablet using any internet browser to enter the items in your household inventory.

At the top of every page is a link that allows you to email the results of the inventory to your email address. You will receive no other emails in connection to the free cubesheet online calculator than those you request. Our secure encrypted servers will store your email address and household inventory for 90 days, after which it is permanently deleted. Your email address is not sold or disclosed to anyone.

When renting a storage locker, containers like pods or ABF Relocubes, or just using long distance moving companies that charge by weight and volume, it is useful to have your own estimate of the weight and volume of household goods for moving. When an unknown moving company provides a quote based on weight and volume with fine print that allows them to charge extra if the estimate is exceeded, their intentions are generally to provide a low-ball estimate and to hold your possessions hostage until you pay extra charges. Reputable moving companies will not do this to consumers, as they have a reputation to protect. Not that every unknown moving company will play games, as consumers we should always look for new companies that may find innovative and lower cost ways to carry furniture around.

For an on-line weight and volume calculator, known in the moving industry as a cubesheet, visit free online cubesheet






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