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Chattanooga Tennessee plus Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis TN, demographics and population information, data on cities and counties, statistics on the state called the Volunteer State, home of Al Gore and Vanderbilt University Tennessee is home to the Grand Ole Opry, the eastern edge of Tennessee is a part of the great Smokey Mountain range, and historical center of the Tennessee Valley Authority as well as the Oak Ridge Nuclear research facilities. Memphis Tennessee is where you visit Graceland and is the home of the roots of Rock and Roll, borders the Mississippi River.

With the close proximity of Gatlinburg to the Smoky Mountains National Park’s entrance, this is a popular visitor spot with plenty of lodging and things to do including snow skiing in the winter. Smoky Mountain cabin rental and hiking are popular in The Great Smoky Mountains which are a range of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so named because of the haze. The haze is not smoke but pollen, they are usually covered by a smoky mist and the flora include more than 200 species of trees and the fauna includes wild pigs, usually the smaller charging boar. The trees help create a humid atmosphere and pump out tons of pollen all year round that looks like a smoky mist. Gatlinburg ushers visitors to peaks and valleys in the The Smoky Mountains where The highest peak is Clingman’s Dome (6,643 feet). What is really remarkable is that this range is so complete that the lowest gap in the range is almost 5,000 feet. In 1930, much of the area was made into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and millions of visitors take in the park that forms the boundary between Tennessee and North Carolina. The range also touches Georgia and South Carolina.

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