Etna Collapse

One reason the potential collapse of Etna is so interesting is research of late that points to a possible collapse 8,000 years ago. But before we examine the historical facts, let’s review the fears of a future problem.

“Research finds that the Italian volcano’s southeastern flank is moving both above ground and under the sea …” – more

‘Catastrophic collapse’ of Mount Etna could trigger tsunami, scientists warn … more

The scientific study of the previous collapse 8,000 years ago points to the ‘Valle del Bove’  or the Valley of the Ox. In 2006, Maria Teresa Pareschi, Enzo Boschi, and Massimiliano Favalli published a paper called “Lost tsunami” in which they presented their theory that the eastern side of Etna collapsed into the Ionian Sea 8,000 years ago, sparking tidal waves that struck the southern boot of Italy, Western Greece, Tripoli, Cairo, modern day Israel and more causing havoc on the scale of recent tsunami.

Their research included study of the village of Atlit-Yam, a neolithic settlement near the current shoreline of the Mediterranean. Buried in a clay stratum are fish gutted and stored. This abandoned store of food could be dated and was used to support the supposition of a sudden event.






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