North American Volcanoes

The nearest and closest thing to a volcano on the East Coast might be Bermuda, a volcanic island between the US and the UK, extinct now for more than 30 million years.

More contemporary is the Yellowstone Caldera, responsible for Old Faithful and the hot springs and unique geography of Yellowstone. Also the Cascade Range that meanders through Washington State and Oregon includes Mount St. Helens, which last erupted famously in 1980. Lesser known is the Long Valley Volcanic Center. See Hot Creek Gorge – 200 miles north west of Las Vegas NV.

Hawaii boast 4 active volcanoes on the Big Island and one active underwater volcano that is growing southeast of the big island and will someday form a new Hawaiian island.

Hawaiian volcanoes are more bubbly and oozy than most, less likely to hurl rocks and ash. Kilauea has been gushing lava into the ocean on the south edge of the big island for a thousand years, since 2010 the volcano has added a square mile of land to the island. Historical records show that Hawaiian volcanoes have not always been gentle.

Alaska is home to dozens of active volcanoes, as is British Columbia. Mexican volcanoes are very active. bageltoe






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