Most expensive Sports Jersey

When the Tom Brady Superbowl Jersey was stolen

news reports put the value at up to $50,000. With seven Super Bowls, he won his fifth at quarterback, breaking the record of Terry Bradshaw, who is still a legend for winning four out of four starts. The dominant Steelers won twice, missed the championship twice, then won two more Super Bowls with Bradshaw.

But the most famous name in sports might be Babe Ruth, and his 1920 Yankee Jersey went on auction in 2012 and sold for $4,415,658. Ruth played for the Boston Red Sox in 1919 when the Yankees paid $100,000 to acquire the slugger and pitcher, 1920 being his first season as a Yankee.

The most interesting jersey ever sold was for Paul Henderson, a Canadian Hockey star, whose 1972 Canadian National Team jersey sold for $1,275,000. Henderson scored the winning goals in games 6, 7 and 8 to defeat the Russians 4-3-1 in a grueling series. Professional teams he played for include the Red Wings and the Leafs, and he was an expansion player for the Toros, Bulls and the Flames in Atlanta. He wanted to settle in Birmingham and work for the minor league Birmingham Bulls, but when their parent, the Atlanta Flames struggled with injuries in 1979 he was called up to the Flames. He played 30 games climaxing with a two goal playoff effort against his former Leafs, in Toronto.

In 1980 the Atlanta Flames relocated to Calgary.

Jerseys in American football do not normally go for high price tags. A record auction for a Johnny Unitas jersey brought $118,000 in 2015. A Tom Brady jersey sold at auction on 2012 for $46,000.






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