2011 November SEO pluses and penalties

Google measures how often users click your web-site on search engine result pages

SEO is a fast changing discipline, what worked last year may even cause penalties this year.

Google +1 – Google has announced that Google +1 votes will be a ranking factor. There are still penalty of sites who don’t seem to care. Inserting a +1 button is easier than a Facebook-like widget.

Site Speed – site speed is a ranking factor for Google. We see many websites that are slow. Rich media and flash intros are counter to a return on investment.

SERP CTR – Google measures how often users click your web-site on search engine result pages.

Social Signals – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and +1 influence search engine results. Hundreds of tweets by real accounts with some authority can be a boost.

Link velocity – Search Engine algorithms penalize sites for getting links too quickly. If you hired a SEO agency that promised super fast results, it can cause you long term grief.

Outgoing Links – Matt Cutts has affirmed that outgoing links to authority sites are a positive search result influence like bad links are a negative.

Alt text – an easy but effective addition to the design effort.

Branding – Just like any clever marketing expert, build your brand. While not confirmed, there is plenty of evidence that Google counts the number of times your brand is talked about even though not linked.

Readability – Google measuries the readability level of a text. Poorly written pages are de-emphsized, scholarly pages are ranked less often for general searches, but far better than poorly written.

Ads to content-ratio – too many ads on your site will get your site penalized

Site topic – The page title that does not reflect the content will lessen the page’s chances of top results.

Link decay – at Web-Atlanta, we use libraries like BeautifulSoup and powerful server based programming to keep your site out of the Ghetto.

Internal link anchor text – the internal link anchor text might be a major ranking factor, according to some. Use ‘Atlanta Plumbers’ instead of just plumbers.

On page link position – editorial position is best






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