Loganville phone system installations from Huntsvilla Technologies in Loganville Ga feature the Vertical Wave VOIP phone systems. A revolutionary pbx or ksu style voip capable phone system features the ability to leverage investment in not only analog phone system handsets but also previous investments in VOIP handset technologies. The advantages of installing the network backbone supporting the VOIP phone extensions include the ability to quickly reorganize physical locations of staff while maintaining the address of the phone extensions just by moving the previously paired VOIP handset to a new network capable location.

Huntsvilla Technologies installs T1 internet and dial tone access to compliment the VOIP technologies and the Vertical Wave include capabilities such as voice mail to email and addressable fax to email functions in a widely parameter driven soft configuration landscape. Multiple location phone system support can be configured by simply extending the network to multiple buildings within a property to wider location dispersal combining T1 access and the Wave phone system to provide seamless extension to extension calling across town.

Huntsvilla Technologies sells, installs and supports dial tone, internet, KSU and PBX operations from our Loganville Georgia technical center. Our customers in the Atlanta area are concentrated but not limited to Gwinnett County and include Atlanta, Lawrenceville, Monroe, Duluth Ga, Covington Ga, Decatur Georgia and primarily areas north and east of the Atlanta Metropolitan map but also extend to North Carolina, South Carolina Florida and Alabama.

Structured Cabling

Atlanta Phone Systems From Ascend Technologies in Loganville Georgia

Atlanta Voice and Data Cabling Atlanta Data Cabling supply structured cabling services for companies with advanced infrastructure network systems that use all types of Category cable. Solutions for voice and data cabling

Our services include:

The setup, expansion, updating and relocation; Design and install structured voice and data cabling systems allowing for expansion with minimal cost.

 wide range of structured cabling and data cabling services for business and government offices;We add and move telecommunications systems, security and surveillance systems, and networking. Provide voice and data cabling

Data cabling and voice cabling is essential. Structured cabling allows companies to plan and maintain network and voice backbones. Without the proper structured approach, offices face gridlock and high cost changes. We design data and voice infrastructure systems that is cost effective now and in the future.

Atlanta Phone Systems From Ascend Technologies in Loganville Georgia

We design and implement networking systems right for your voice and data application. We provide specialty cabling for applications like voice, networking, video, paging, security, voip, internet and general telecommunications.Data cabling, voice cabling, video cabling, and fiber optics installations, complete changeout of telecommunications systems.
Every Atlanta voice and data cabling installation is planned and implemented by a professional team dedicated to state of the art and expandable structured cabling backbones. Our expertise includes Voip, ADC, Panduit, Vertical, Ortronics, ESS, Siemon, Leviton, Hubbell, AMP, Cisco and all major equipment. Voice and data cabling, integrated voice, data, video, and security cabling systems in the Atlanta area, We deliver the best in voice and data cabling systems.

Atlanta Phone Systems From Ascend Technologies in Loganville Georgia

Ethernet and local area network (LAN) designing and wiring. We link together computers, printers, voice, storage, video and security where managed applications result in higher utility and lower costs.
Buildings needs good structured cabling architects to design a functional voice and data backbone that serves your LAN to run at its optimum speed and full capacity on demand. We know that it is important that your LAN be secure. Our voice and data structured cabling to LAN and communications infrastructure for businesses, government and companies. We are fully versed in network systems including integrated e-mail servers, printer sharing, integrated voice and managed voice mail. Data cabling networks, telephone syetem installs, KSU and PBX management, installation and maintenance, design and installation of telephone systems, upgrades of phone systems and repairs.

We offer installs for any offices of a half dozen employees to hundreds. We design, engineer, implement, install, and maintain voice and data infrastructures included lights out IT management techniques. Integrated solutions for telecommunication excellence. Qualified technicians protect your telephone isystems nvestment. Training on telephone system and equipment. Voice and data cabling for business and government in Loganville, Conyers, Covington Ga. Atlanta Georgia, Stone Mountain and Lawrenceville. We can work with existing networks and design expansions and replacements with structured cabling systems. Telephone installs in Alpharetta, Norcross, Grayson and Snellville, networking system for offices, Various types of voice and data cabling systems.

Atlanta Phone Systems From Ascend Technologies in Loganville Georgia

Business Telephone Systems

From Loganville Georgia, Ascend Technologies provides business telephone systems and services for Alpharetta and Loganville companies with modern advanced telephony requirements including switched services and networking capabilities. Ascend Technologies provides the infrastructure for leading commercial telephone and networking cababilites from the ground up.

Structured cabling from Ascend Technologies is the first consideration. Low voltage backbones for 100bastT, gigabit, telephone, security and audio-visual applications are carefully planned and expertly implemented by Ascend Technologies for commercial customers in Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia. Companies building out new commercial spaces or preparing call center infrastructure should consider Ascend Technologies for their initial low voltage installation. We will create a structured cabling environment built for now and the future with support for convential phone systems or Voice over IP systems like the Vertical Wave. Our low voltage solutions are also excellent carriers for networking operations like ethernet and internet connectivity.

Ascend Technologies also is a major Atlanta provider of switched services for telephone and digital internet connectivity. Using experienced digital carriers like CBeyond® for example, Ascend Technologies from Loganville Ga has built a rich and varied base of companies using Ascend’s quality internet and telephony setups for 24-7 always up and always available business operations. While other telephone systems providers have to work with the phone company, due to Ascend’s status as the number one installer of switched services other than the phone company our customers wisely avoid the startup delays that come from multiple vendors second guessing each other during the integration of internet and switched services, firewalls and the internal telphone systems and networks of Roswell Ga Companies.

Ascend Technologies also sells, installs and services the most sophisticated telephone systems for business. With phone systems offerings from ESS and Vertical, CBeyond can recommend approaches using conventional analog or newer ip carrier based voice transmission. Ascend is well versed in the possible quality degradation on over sold digitial solutions, and can steer customers clear of using technology not ready for prime time. Where Ascend Technologies from Loganville Ga enters the government, business and commercial telephony market with digital carrier solutions, we bring the full complement of QOS or Quality of Service foundations to assure a professional sounding and performing voice phone system. In smaller applications, Ascend Technologies is able to explain the cost profile and and possible savvy decision making that may lead other smart business leaders to wait before abandoning analog carrier systems for voice.

Ascend Technologies also handles the networking needs for companies with gigabit and 100baseT networking equipment from Cisco® for example, the load balancing, routers and firewalls and their configuration to meet the needs of Roswell Ga companies. Ascend Technologies can provide the load balancing, partitioning and firewalling as well as user agent network monitoring services. Ascend Technologies provides rugged and reliable network infrastructure for new build-outs and can retrofit existing offices to prevent the downtime suffered by many ad-hoc network expansion situations. Companies can replace the hard to manage network spider web with modern centrally managed structured low voltage cabling solutions from Ascend Technologies and improve the delivery, reliability and scalability of networking, telephone, audio-visual, closed circuit tv and security systems with an efficient, weekend switchover to a modern structured low voltage cabling environment that is centrally managed and grows with the business.

For more information on Atlanta phone systems for business, commercial, legal offices, medical offices, government, call centers and every Roswell Ga and Alpharetta phone system situation, consult with Ascend Technologies from Loganville Ga.

Vertical phone atlanta ga

Vertical Phone Atlanta Ga

Vertical Communications entered the market in 2004 of sophisticated ip and network baseed telephony solutions.

Engineers at Vertical Communications is a well engineered staff with chief engineers boasting more than 100 combined years of experience.

Ascend Technologies in Loganville Ga installs the Vertical Wave phone systems. Vertical Communications has hundreds of thousands of customers making them a leader in business telephone systems.

The Vertical Wave IP 2500 changes the IP business communications paradigm with both IP and applications in the IP 2500 package.

  • ViewPoint Desktop Call Management (software)
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Unified Messaging
  •  Call Recording
  •  Auto Attendant
  •  Easy expandability by adding a Wave Expansion Unit (EXU)
  • Add-on applications (requires licensie purchase) for the Wave IP 2500 include:
  1. Wave Contact Center
  2. Wave Conference Manager
  3. Wave Fax Manager
  4. Wave Voice Server

Wave IP 2500 Cost:  $ 10,000 to 50,000

Extension supported – 50 to 350

Handset costs – $ 150 to 350 per desktop

Vertical Xcelerator IP Business Phone System

The Vertical Xcelerator IP is an advanced communications product that combines voice, data, and wireless networking in one wireless device.

The Vertical Xcelerator IP is an ideal small business phone system. The Xcelerator IP Gateway device offers;

  • SIP VoIP connectivity for up to 24 employees (plus other devices)
  • Advanced call handling features
  • Voicemail
  • Auto attendant

Xcelerator IP Gateway cost:  $500-$1,000
Vertical IP2007 IP telephone: $175-$300
Vertical Comdial Messaging Suite

Vertical Comdial isn’t a single messaging solution, but a whole bunch of features that can be parametrically customized to meet the needs of your small to medium sized business.

  • Corporate Office voice mail and Interchange Communications Suite
  • voice functions
  • messaging
  • call recording
  • automated attendant
  • automatic call distribution

Vertical Comdial Debut Voice Mail System – $ 1,000 – 5,000

  • wall-mountable unit
  • 2 or 4 ports serving up to 25 or 50 mailboxes
  • auto attendant
  • automatic call distribution
  • fax tone recognition
  • routing boxes
  • Q&A boxes

Each system is compatible with all Vertical Comdial business phone systems.

Interchange Communications Suite 

  • allows an MP5000 or FX II System to combine multiple communications functions
  • automatic call distribution
  • call recording
  • interactive voice response
  • remote mobility
  • unified messaging
  • visual call manager
  • voicemail

Lite (Tower PC) or Enterprise (rack-mountable up to 225 stations) or Large-Scale Chassis (Rack-mounted server with up to 44 ports and 500 handsets).

Vertical Comdial DX-120 Business Phone System

  • digital system
  • cost-effective
  • expandable
  • desktop and cordless speakerphones
  • reception console
  • Built-in Caller ID
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Uniform Call Distribution
  • “Meet me” Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Multilingual capability
  • Music-on-hold

Phones: Edge 120 Cordless Speakerphone: approximately $300-$400 each

Vertical Comdial FX II Business Phone System

  • VoIP telephony
  • traditional digital communications
  • Ideal for government offices, law firms, real estate offices, sales offices, auto dealerships
  • 8 users in one office up to 4,800 users across multiple sites
  • digital and IP phones
  • mobile phones
  • email devices

Vertical Comdial MP5000 Business Phone System

  • SIP and IP functionality
  • scalability
  • supports VoIP telephony
  • any mix of analog, digital, and IP telecommunications
  • Single and multi-site flexibility
  • hot desking
  • Call control
  • messaging
  • voicemail

Loganville Phone Systems

Loganville phone system sales and installation from Ascend Technologies where we come from Loganville Georgia serving business and government phone systems for five to five hundred handsets in Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Conyers and Covington Georgia and surrounding areas where you need a phone system.

Ascend Technologies leverage more than nine out of ten dial-tone requirements for phone system installations with T1 digital phone system installations and VOIP telephone extension stations for Loganville phone system installations.

Telephone Systems in New York and New Jersey. 

Loganville Phone Systems

Ascend Technologies, a leading implementer for Atlanta, Loganville and Decatur Georgia for phone systems, low voltage wiring and IT support, installs hosted IP PBX and VOIP phone systems married to T1 digital phone company access for professional commercial quality voice and data services.

Ascend Technologies Offers VOIP and traditional office and enterprise phone systems.

Ascend Technologies, a leading implemnter in Hosted IP PBX and VOIP KSU on T1 telephone system installation and implementation with digital phone company data and voice interface serves Covington Georgia, Conyers, Lithonia, Decatur Georgia, Stone Mountain, Loganville, Lawrenceville, Tucker Georgia, Norcross, Duluth and all areas around and near Atlanta Georgia. We install voip technologies, and Ascend Technologies installs and maintains agent managed IT software and service pack maintenance as well as virus and malware protection monitoring and remediation.

About Ascend Technologies

Headquartered in Loganville Georgia, Ascend Technologies specializes in T1 based high quality and five nines uptime data and voice systems for Atlanta Phone System commercial consumers.

Atlanta Structured Cabling

Ascend Technologies is a voice and data network cabling specialist, installing cable solutions for voice and data that are structured, efficient and effective, even for the most complicated project. Our structured cabling methodologies meet your needs now and in the future with an eye to the demands of future technology. We install managed cabling in the horizontal, vertical, above-floor or below-floor configurations. We install networking equipment, telephone systems and internet access via T1 incliding KSU’s and PBX’s plus offer on-site training, to ensure that your network and voice operations operate successfully. Recent projects include the installation and ongoing maintenance of cabling solutions for the City of Covington Georgia.

Services include voice and data cabling design and construction:

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A
  • 2-wirre and 4-wire voice, pots and voip.
  • Carrier lead-ins
  • Power over Ethernet
  • CCTV and security systems
  • IT and Network equipment handling and installation
  • Office build outs

For Atlanta Structured Cabling contact Ascend Technologies in Loganville Ga on Harrison Road.

Atlanta Phone System

Ascend Technologies on Harrison Rd in Loganville Georgia is among the largest, and is the best T1 installation and service company for Atlanta phone systems. From digital trunks to pots (plain old telephone service) Ascend Technologies installs more T1 trunks for CBeyond than most any other company around Atlanta Ga. Ascend Technologies from Lognavillle Georgia also installs phone systems and does structured cabling installations for Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Duluth GA, Grayson, Lithonia and Decatur Georgia businesses.

Ascend Technologies installs phone systems for big and small companies, as well as digital trunks and switching services for every situation. We deliver phone service and internet to businesses througout the north and east of Atlanta Ga regions. Ascend communications features ESI® systems for KSU and  PBX as well as the Vertical Wave® for KSU and PBX phone system installations.

Companies looking for the truly knowledgeable phone system partner rely on Ascend Communications for Atlanta T1 installation and for Loganville Phone Systems.

Eight Atlanta VOIP tips

Companies and government entities streamlining voice and data connectivity call on Ascend Communications from Loganville Georgia for Atlanta phone system installers. Company management professionals look at voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. Companies with single or multiple locations look at the benefit of multi-site implementations and the recoverability VoIP offers in the event of disaster scenarios. VoIP is highly maleable voice communications product and more and more companies plan to implement VoIP.


VoIP gives us the flexibility to address the needs of the main offices as well as neglected outposts of the busness enterprise. Information Technology (IT) or telecom services within companies can deploy a more uniform approach with VoIP. An enterprise strategy should encompass locations with one to however many extensions plus data for teleconfernecing and multimedia training. VoIP helps address your goals to best to technology. VoIP can do the voice functions while lowering costs by eliminating pots (plain old telephone service) costs in some locations. For example, presence indications can utilize far flung resources and available staff and centralized VoIP serves as a driver of efficiencies and satisfier of needs.


Clear objectives and business goals rely on quantifiable outcomes and consider the total cost of ownership and costs at implementation. Savings in payroll, better service, found opportunities and better care of both telecom and general infrastructure are gains in a companies effectiveness.


VoIP joins voice and data fulfilling the utilization of available technologies. Both IT and telecom experts within your company with the advice of unit leaders help look at how VoIP ihas the potential to transform resource delivery across the enterprise. VoIP triggers increased productivity in corporate roles including customer service, purchasing, marketing, human resources and facility utilization.


Wth hundreds of telecom changeovers under their belt, the experrts at Ascend Technologies can offer VoIP expertise tailored to your companies situation. Ascend offers both IP-centric solutions and voice data mix solutions. Voice quality and compatibility lead most consumer minded providers to avoid the ‘running the business on a cell-phone’ sound that still plagues some high tech solutions. These hybrid answers leverage older pots technology along with T1 trunks between sites with VOIP to desktop voice stations where the load balancing and network utilization within a customer facility can be robustly managed and over-engineered. Addicitonally your Ascend Technologies experts are familiar with both open standards VoIP and proprietary IP telephony solutions. We can help you change over from older TDM solutions gradually or immediately where a new site or facility warrants examination of a more aggressive changeover.

Envision your end state, and then define a path to get there. Many factors such as application needs, existing infrastructure, existing vendors and relationships, maturity of existing equipment, cost, and risk must be factored into your migration plan.


IT and telecom units within companies will be familiar with four concerns with VoIP

  1. security
  2. scalability
  3. reliability
  4. quality


 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), VoIP, interoperability, open source, proprietary, cabling, Power over Ethernet (PoE), voice encoding (G.711, G.729, and G.723), Mean Opinion Score (MOS) testing (3.5 to 4.5) are juszt some of the buzzwords that your IT and telecom leaders will need to know backwards and forwards.

Quality of voice and the manageability of bandwidth lead most high quality orientated solutions to not compress voice locally. If large chunks of voice communication are spread over less controlled networking segments of the wide area network, compression comes into play.


Companies will be most responsive by moving forward to have on hand the skill sets that support this VOIP telephony and internet / networking backbone environment. The new technologies centralize management of a distributed data and voice carrying network, putting voice on your data on a single foundation and using standards for IP telephony instead of the long troublesome dependence on proprietary telecom equipment. Core infrastructure of the structured cabling and network packet delivery backbone belongs in IT while specialized programming and application of VOIP integration with information systems lead companies to develop a competitive edge by leveraging the available features of the integration. Core call center applications such as IVR, CTI, routing, reporting, prompting, workforce management, quality of service and call recording all may require a specialist withhin the IT umbrella to deal with the voice services carried on top of the normal data connectivity structure.

Replacement of the phone system is not an end point to the project. The achievement of new equipment on the CEO’s desk is merely the installation of a platform that can be used to further raise the level of service in a competitive world a company delivers to its customers and to its bottom line. VoIP reduces cost and complexity but also adds requirements to monitor the network, voice quality and configure the application to provide the optimizations that lead to lower costs and enhanced productivity. Deploying VoIP in the contact center requires dedication of the appropriate resources both during changeover and to maintain ongoing efficient operation and configuration. Configuration of the voice system for smaller companies can be completely delegated to Ascend Technologies, but larger companies should consider the cost savings and response advantage they can afford with a dedicated staff within the IT structure. Network assessment and planning specialties are suitable groundwork skills for staff to become proficient at VOIP configuration.

Comapnies that implement VoIP need to assess the network for capacityand the ability of your switches and routers to fulfill the quality of service (QoS) controls, security, and durability. VoIP is to simplifies integration between the voice and data segments of the network backbone but requires proficient management to interface with the changing requirements and standards in the telecom world.

Companies not willing to be left behind in the Atlanta Georgia area should call Ascend Technologies for Atlanta Phone Systems Installation