Atlanta Phone System Installation

Phone systems installer

Huntsvilla Technologies from Athens Georgia does a lot of low voltage wiring. Low voltage wiring is all the phone system, alarm system, networking and closed circuit television wiring in your home or business. While all your lighting and electrical outlets should be serviced and installed by a licensed Georgia electrician, low voltage wiring also is best handled by experienced low voltage wiring professionals like the technicians at Huntsvilla Technologies.

Coming from Athens, the technicians from Huntsvilla Technologies install a lot of low voltage wiring in Lawrenceville, Norcross, Dacula, Braselton, Buford Ga, Conyers and Covington Georgia. In fact, Huntsvilla Technologies has just installed a complete phone system for a large multi location automobile dealership chain, featuring multiple locations on T1 with multiple VOIP KSU units seamlessly integrating the entire village facilities, in five different locations, into a single seamless phone system with internet.

One difference with Huntsvilla Technologies and the VOIP configuration at the Covington City Hall and other buildings, is that all voice is put into the phone company as a voice signal, with no awkward VOIP devices needed for callers, like Skype or google voice. The cities phones work just like any other phones. This is also important because so many VOIP implementations leave users with very poor sound quality for telephone voice circuits. This is not the case with our implementations at Huntsvilla Technologies. You will find that our voice services are crystal clear, the same as a state of the art phone system offered ten or 20 years ago.

Modern VOIP however offers customers to plug phone extensions anywhere in the building network, with only handset programming if any is required at all. For example, if Suzy Q has been working at the receptionists desk for months, but has been gradually learning how to issues purchase orders for a company, so much so that it is time to move her to an office of her own, she simply picks up her telephone handset and plugs it in in the new office.

Substantial savings also are incurred when more complex programming is needed, and the experienced technicians at Huntsvilla Technologies facility in Athens Georgia can perform the reprogramming without a road trip. For all the information you need on the best balance between value, reliability and cutting edge features for Atlanta phone systems call Huntsvilla Technologies today.