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Moving and storage customers in Alpharetta are pretty good at using the internet, and we have had a web-site on the internet for more than ten years. During this period of time more and more moving and househiold relocation customers are using the internet to find a reputable moving comany. In fact an entire website has grown up, called – where two young women documented their trials and tribulations in deciding whether to move themselves by renting a truck, or hire a cheap mover, or this mover or that mover. I think they got going before google reviews.

Google places is the current name for google local listings, and is another place to look to find the repuation of a moving company or any company. Google really got their local listings going in the last few years, and their service is similar to the local listings also served by bing and yahoo search engines. The difference is that google seems to do a better job of making sure that their local listings are real, reputable local businesses. This is important in the moving business as there are a lot of companies that are not really moving companies, but call themselves moving brokers. recommends moving yourself, but they also say something we have to agree with, deal directly with a repuatable moving company. Google seems to be the least likely to show consumers listings that are fly by night moving comapnies, or simply moving brokers that sell your information to moving coimpanies that are not very well known.

Alpharetta Moving Company

Another source for information on the internet, besides, is the business directories that concentrate on helping consumers not just find a phone number, but leave reviews and comments. Angie’s List, and Yelp are examples. Since we are located in Atlanta, we have been involved with Kudzu since its early days. Owned by Cox, Kudzu has quite a good following in Atlanta. If you are reading this from some other city or region, you might prefer yelp. The only problem with yelp is that they seem to be more focused on restaurants than on business in general. Still, we get quite a few moving customers that find us in Yelp.

Mother Nature

I-One of the most striking features of the Taker culture is its passionate and unwavering dependence on prophets. There is no tradition whatever of prophets rising up among the Leavers to straighten out their lives and give them new sets of laws or principles to live by. Why this dependence on prophets? Why do you need prophets to tell you how to live? s-We need the prophets to tell us how to live because otherwise we wouldn’t know. Questions about how life is supposed to be lived ultimately become religious questions amongst Takers. And they find the answers to these questions worth dying for. Take the question of legalization of drugs and abortion, for example. Why do you need the prophets, why don’t you know the answers yourself? Because Mother Culture tells us that we can find out certain answers to things like atoms, but not answers about how we should live. No matter what we decide to do about legalizing drugs we will never be sure if it was the right thing to do. The knowledge of how to live is just not out there. Are you sure? Have you looked? Finding the answers to matters of how man ought to live is one of the biggest problems facing him. Does it not seem strange to you, no one is looking? You’d think there would be a whole branch of science devoted to it. But we know the answer is not there. In advance of looking you mean?        I-So we know two more things about the how the Taker culture sees things. For one thing, man is fundamentally flawed, and for another, he doesn’t know how to live. If man knew how to live, then he would know how to handle human nature.

Could it be that the only flaw in man is that he doesn’t know how he ought to live? The story so far states that the world was given to man to turn into a paradise, but he is bound to screw it up because he is fundamentally flawed. He might be able to do something about this if he knew how he ought to live but he doesn’t, so, however he might labor to try and fix things he will fail. It’s a sorry story you have there, a story of hopelessness and futility, a story in which there is literally nothing to be done. Mankind rushing helplessly into oblivion. s-Yes that is the way is seems. No wonder so many of you go mad or become suicidal. Is there another story, another way of seeing things? Yes, there is another story to be in, but the Takers are doing their best to destroy that along with everything else.        I-We confront a wall at the boundary of thought in your culture. This wall is an axiom stating that certain knowledge about how people ought to live is unobtainable. I reject this axiom and climb over the wall. You don’t need prophets to tell you how to live; you can find out for yourselves by consulting what’s actually there. A century ago, man was in the same situation with regard to learning how to fly. He had no certain knowledge about how to fly, just a number of theories. He could argue those theories to his hearts content at the time because there was no certain knowledge about any of them. Without knowledge of a law which described what always happens when air flows around a wing, they had to proceed with trial and error; just as they are proceeding with trial and error around how they should live. They pass laws, but these are not true laws, they can be changed with a vote. The law which describes how air behaves when it flows across a wing cannot be changed just as the laws about how life should be lived cannot be changed.        I-Where do you think we should look for the laws regarding how humans should live?  s-In human behavior I suppose. Only human behavior? I have news for you. Man is not alone on this planet, he is part of a community upon which he depends absolutely. Have you ever had any suspicions to this effect? Yes. What’s the name of this community of which man is only one member? The community of life. And can the answer to how man ought to live, be found by looking in this community? No, because Mother Culture says that we are far above the rest of the community and if there were such an answer it wouldn’t apply to us. And can you think of any laws that effect the rest of the community but from which you are exempt? Such as? The law of gravity? The law of genetics? The law of aerodynamics? The law of Thermodynamics? No. But the laws of how a turtle ought to live surely don’t concern us. Did the laws of aerodynamics concern you thousands of years ago? No. When did they become relevant? When we wanted to fly. And when you are on the brink of extinction and want to live for a while longer, the laws governing life might conceivably become relevant.        I-When Newton discovered the law of gravity, was anyone astonished?  s-No. This is because he did not discover the phenomenon of gravity, everyone was aware of its effects; he simply made it a law. In the same way, nothing you discover about life is going to astound anyone. My goal here is similar; to formulate a law about how to live life.

Would you say that the law of gravity is about flight?  I would say that it affects rocks and airplanes in the same way. Good. The law we are looking for describes a phenomenon which effects flocks of birds and herds of deer. It makes no distinction between humankind and beehives. This is one reason why the law has remained undiscovered in your culture. According to Taker mythology, man is by definition a biological exception.       I- The gods have played three dirty tricks on the Takers. The first was not putting the world at the center of the universe. The Takers really hated hearing this. The second was evolving man out of the slime like the rest of the life on earth. The Takers hated hearing this even more. But, to these things they have learned to adjust. Even if man was not the center of the universe and came from the slime it was still his destiny to rule the universe. No adjustment will be possible for the third law. The law which is applicable to both mankind and the rest of life alike.    The effects of the law are simple: species that follow the law will live forever, environmental conditions permitting. This should be good news for man, for if he follows the law, he too will live forever. If he does not, he will assuredly become extinct.      I-The law we are looking for is like the law of gravity. It is always in effect. We cannot escape it. We can understand it, and in conjuction with other laws we can learn to live with its effect.    By understanding the laws of aerodynamics we learned to fly in spite of the law of gravity. By understanding this third law, we can build a civilization that will work. Imagine a man learning to fly, he builds a contraption and pushes it over the side of a cliff. On the way down he might say ‘Look I am flying!’, not realizing that his craft in no way utilizing the laws of aerodynamics. Since his demise is a long way off, if it were a high enough cliff, he might say ‘So far, so good’. As the ground rushes toward him he might be slightly alarmed and pedal harder, but he would have faith in his craft that has taken him this far without so much as a scratch or a bruise. What he doesn’t realize is that the craft is unsuitable for flight, and his efforts to pedal it are futile, yet he believes that with more effort he will be fine.  Ten thousand years ago, man embarked on a "civilization flight" in a craft that wasn’t designed according to anything at all. At first it was terrific; the Takers were pedaling away, pleased with themselves to have been freed from the constraints of the laws of biology. They couldn’t have known that they were in the air, but not in flight. They see and wonder at the remains of crafts that were abandoned by the likes of the Mayans or the Anasazi and wonder, but are content to be airborne, oblivious to the fact that they are bound by the law of the community of life. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law affords no protection from its affects and they will be in trouble in the not to distant future. Man used to say, ‘If we only pedal a little bit harder and more efficiently, we will be ok’. But pedaling harder only increases the destruction. And, such simple answers are not enough to reassure the people of your culture nowadays. Everybody is looking down, and it’s obvious that the ground is rushing up faster and faster every year.      I-Suppose you come across a society that you have never heard of before. The people are friendly, cheerful, healthy, prosperous, vigorous, peaceable, and well educated. Their kind has survived for three million years. You ask them how they can manage and they tell you that they all have a law, and they follow it invariably. You need to find out what the law is.

You cannot ask directly. You have to find out by observation. How would you go about it?  s-I would have two things that I would need to observe. The first is to see what they never do; and the second is to see what the people who are punished do that the others never do. Very good. I will tell you more about these people. The Takers draw back from this community thinking it to be a culture of lawless chaos, and savage relentless competition where every creature lives in terror of its life. But those that live in the community do not see it as such a place and would fight to the death rather than be separated from it. It is in fact an orderly community. One in which plants are eaten by the plant eaters who are in turn eaten by the predators who are then eaten by other predators. Scavengers get the rest. The animals return to the earth the nutrients which enrich the earth for the plants. The plant eaters don’t eat the plants out of hate. And the predators don’t eat the plant eaters because they are at war with them. They eat because they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied. And all of this comes about because there is a law that is followed invariably within the community. Without it the community would indeed become complete chaos and disintegrate rapidly. Man owes his very existence to this law. It is a law that protects not only the community as a whole but entire species right on down to the individual. It is a peace-keeping law that has been followed by every species…up until about ten thousand years ago when the family of Homo sapiens sapiens said, ‘Man is exempt from this law’. And now that man has brought the entire world to the point of death, the Takers explain that the problem is not that man might be doing something wrong, but that there is something fundamentally wrong with human nature itself.    About the time that the Takers came in and started kicking everything to pieces, the Leavers were trying to figure out a way to achieve settlement that is in accord with the law that they had been following for three billion years. They proceeded by trial and error, and had the sense to abandon civilizational crafts that they knew wouldn’t fly. They understood there was no hurry, and that they didn’t have to get into the air. There was no sense in committing themselves to disaster the way that the Takers have. So your task, knowing about this society and how is operates, and knowing that there is a law that they follow invariably, is to tell me that law. It is a fundamental law. It is the true explanation of how things got to be this way. If this law had not been followed for the last three million years, the world would still be dust and chaos. And now, after five hundred generations, man is about to pay the penalty that any other species would pay after living contrary to this law.      s-I have an answer. I think I understand why you had me figure it out myself. If you had just told what the Takers do that is never done in the natural community, I probably would have just said ‘Yeah, so what?’. As I make it out, there are three things that the Takers do that are never done in the rest of the community, and these are all fundamental to their civilizational system. First, they exterminate their competitors, which is something that never happens in the wild.  I-And how can you be sure that this is not something that the rest of the community does? Well, if this had been going on since the beginning of time, there would only be one species left by now, the strongest. Go on. Secondly, the Takers systematically destroy their competitors’ food supply to make room for their own. In the natural community, the law is: take what you need and leave the rest alone. Third, the Takers deny their competitors access to food. Since every square foot of this planet is ours, we claim it and put it all to use to make food for ourselves, then our competitors are just plain out of luck. So, the law, what might it entail? You may compete with other species, but you cannot wage war on them. If species had been waging war on each other for the last three billion years there would probably be only a few hundred species left at the various levels of competition. And what is the difference between what the community is like now and what you described it could be like? What does following the law promote? Diversity. And what is so great about that? I would think that a community of few species would be very fragile. Diversity is a survival factor for the whole community itself. Within a community of millions there will always be thousands that will be able to survive the conditions of some calamity. And every day, dozens of species are eliminated as a direct result of the way the Takers compete outside the law. We are destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it.

Sandy Springs Plumbers

Plumbing Atlanta Dunwoody Chamblee Brookhaven

Plumbing problems that crop up in Sandy Springs Ga include busted water heaters, clogged drains and water leaks. But Buckeighty Plumbing Atlanta can also replace toilets and garbage disposals. Plus we install the new instant water heaters that are so popular, especially for the remote bathrooms and kitchenettes where a great deal of hot water in not needed, but the long wait for hot water is unbearable. But you will really be glad when you need a plumber to fix a sewer or waterline leading from the hiouse to the street. In many cases this is done nowadays without digging up your front yard. When a pipe bursts or a sewer line leaks the first thought is that we will dig up your yard. Your nice lawn and flower beds will be glad to hear that this is not always the case. There will always be a little digging but has offered a water and sewer repairs system and method that minimizes the digging and trenching of your yard, sometimes called trenchless.

Trenchless pipe replacement can fix sewer and water lines problems wth less digging. The technique can be used to repair leaks and cracks without having to replace and excavate the pipe by means of pulling a replacement pipe or injecting a pipe liner which means yards, driveways and sidewalks won’t need restored. Plumbers have different methods, like no dig hydraulic pipe laying and fitting and other ways to install pipe liners, which uses the old pipe as a guide for the liner pipe. There are many advantages besides just landscaping, this is often more econimical and for trenchless repairs, plus conserving the diesel fuel to run a backhoe but other machines are used by the plumbers and holes are dug at each end of the plumbing water line or sewer pipe. Also the thing goes faster which is a labor savings and an energy savings, Most trenched repairs require more time digging and filling the trench than laying the new pipe. Trenchless factor is removed with all the no-dig work done underground plus standard pipe repairs work water and sewer line work plus for conserving water Cleaner water – drinking water will be cleaner and healthier once a new liner is installed. Breaks and cracks are usually telltale signs of mold, dirt and bacteria. These advantages pose a less expensive repair. Trenchless repairs can be done in any weather

Plumber in Atlanta


Cahri’s Bugs On-Line– Is is a “good bug” or a “bad bug?” Debbie’s Garden Tour– Debbie’s links are a little different then most–they are all tours of the authors gardens. My Secret Garden– Culture and sowing info for herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Mars Place Too –Pictures of the author’s gardens as well as flower photos and descriptions. A Utah Cottage Garden –Photographs and information on designing a traditional cottage garden.

Easy Gardening–A very original site with many interesting and different articles and ideas including themes such as “Art Gardens” and “Love and Love Lost Gardens.” McKenzie’s Lawn and Garden–Something here for everyone! Weekly gardening tips, a garden gallery of photos, and even safe pest control. Jackie’s Tennessee Garden–Hints on attracting birds and butterflies and many other gardening subjects. Songbird Meadows–Birding in the backyard.

The Green Gardener–A Canadian gardener who doesn’t profess to know everything about gardening, but would like to share what he/she has learned gardening for 11 years. Linda’s Garden–A Minnesota site, Linda has some wonderful ideas for getting children involved in gardening and has a new project every month. Gardentree–A landscape designer and working mom of three’s site, lots of photos, crafts, and info for zone 7 gardeners. LawnMaster’s Home Page–I’m not in to lawns, but this page is well done and a good source of info for all of you that are. Claudine’s Bonsai Home Page–Bonsai is as much an art as it is gardening. If you would like to create a “bonsai masterpiece” this is good place to get some ideas. [Only the first page is in french.] A &

C’S Gardening at Home–Lot’s of great garden photos, info on a variety of garden subjects and how to build a koi pond. California Gardening Home Page–This page is for all you Californians out there! It has a plant finder as well as calendars to help plan your gardening season. Horticulture Guy–Down to “earth” advice on gardening and landscaping by a professional. Linda’s Herbal House–A charming herbal page with a very unique presentation. “Calla’s Place”–Advice on how to garden and what to plant in Zone

5. Andy’s Greenhouse–Photographs of what’s blooming right now. Joan’s Home Page–If you have just gotten on the net, Joan has a good list of gardening mailing lists and usenets as well as weather sites. She also has a journal with notes on the past growing season–what worked and what didn’t! Fleur’s Home of Orchids–A good place for the orchid gardener to start.

kangaroo Advice/Improvements: your favourite animal, and why? Where you are from: Florida How you got here: I got a search engine, looked up baboons and read through Baboons!! and then returned to your home page. Comments: Joanie, I say you did a great job on yor homepage! It`s obvious that you like animals. When did you begin studying them??? I love animals, too. I have a ferret, my younger sister has a ferret, and basicly, I`m just trying to learn about ferrets, and along the way, I like other animals, too! Are their any animals you DON`T like?? I like all animals exept spiders and snakes. Why? I think they`re just creepy.

Everyday, thousands of animals are poached, slaughtered, hunted, trapped, poisoned, killed, and any other horrible activity done to them. If you think about it, for quite a while, the world would be a perfect place without us humans. Take a moment to think about it… Also, forests are being burned down for agriculture, homes, farms, or are being cut for paper, furniture, household products, and other things but that means losing animal habitat and some of the most valuable medicines, like the rosy periwinkle from rainforests used to cure childhood leukemia, a type of blood cancer. If we didn’t save the rainforests, we would have never found a cure 20 years ago and there would be tragic deaths.

A lot of pets are abandoned on streets and they have to fend for themselves. They have to face cars, trains, diseases, people, and other dangers and they usually die. Some people dump them in shelters which are overcrowded and are filled with disease. The people in the shelters don’t have enough money for medicine and have to rely on donations from people since they don’t get any support from the government. Some scientists say that by the year 2000, TWENTY more species of animals will disappear from the face of the earth, if we don’t do anything, which will be a tragic loss. Imagine when you have children and you can only see your favourite animals in zoos instead of the wild. Then you wonder what it will be like to see your favourite animals die in the wild and to only see them again in the protection of zoos and pictures. Even some reserves and sanctuaries aren’t safe. I’m trying to get the word out on saving these poor creatures that are misunderstood by providing you with some information of different animals of the world to give you a glimpse of what is actually happening to the world around us. If everyone in this world can do just a little, like recycling constantly, car pooling, planting trees, donating money, whatever, the world would be just a bit better.

If you have Crescendo!, turn up your speakers! If you don’t or you don’t hear anything, download Crescendo! at their site. Search for the animals by these groups: MammalsRanging from the largest like the whales to the smallest like the rodentsBirdsSoaring high in the sky or running fast on the ground, these guys are fascinating! ReptilesDesendants from the massive dinosaurs, these critters have resemblances to their ancestorsAmphibiansFind them everywhere – under logs, by the creek, swimming in your pool or bird fountain…

Even tho it’s kind of late, the spirit’s still living, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep on spreading it! For now, plz visit my webring or my “working”award pages. Oh yes, check out my What’s New? page, I’ve finally changed it! Not dramatically, but then there are additions! If you have Crescendo!, turn up your speakers! If you don’t or you don’t hear anything, download Crescendo! at their site. To test if you do, wait until the music loads below. The Phantom of the Opera

Lou Holtz coached the Gamecocks from 1999 to 2004

Lou Holtz was born in West Virginia and attended high school in Ohio on the border of Pennsylvania and West Virginia near the Ohio River. He attended college at Kent State and was an assistant coach at USC (Columbia South Carolina) in ’66 and ’67 and famously head coached Notre Dame to a national championship before head coaching the Gamecocks.

Lou Holtz Achievements (Source – Wikipedia entry for Lou Holtz);

  • Holtz is the only college football coach to lead six different programs to bowl games
  • Holtz is the only coach to guide four different programs to the final top 20 ranking

Holtz came out of retirement in 1999 to head coach the University of South Carolina men’s football Gamecocks. Holtz came in following a 1–10 season and improved on that by going 0–11. However in his second season the Gamecocks won eight and lost four, winning a post-season bowl bid where they beat the favored OSU Buckeyes in the 2001 Outback Bowl. Ohio State’s only scoring came on a fumble recovery, the game was a defensive battle which saw USC prevail 24-7. The Gamecocks had capped the third best single-season turnaround in NCAA history, and National Coach of the Year honors for Holtz from Football News and American Football Coaches Quarterly.

Shamefully, upon Coach Lou’s retirement the NCAA imposed three years probation and other sanctions against the Gamecocks. The Columbia SC University of South Carolina men’s football program was yet another victim of a corrupt NCAA enforcement record that has seen second tier teams routinely puinished while their pet teams are viewed with favor. However, the sanction weren’t overly harsh as no games were forfeited, and no television or postseason ban was imposed. Holtz stated flatly “There was no money involved. No athletes were paid. There were no recruiting inducements. No cars. No jobs offered. No ticket scandal”

Ironically, one of the violations listed was ‘illegal off-season tutoring’. And I thought we wanted our students to learn.

phone system installers

phone system installers – Huntsvilla Technologies provides low voltage wiring, structured cabling, network installation and phone systems for business, commercial and government offices. Huntsvilla Technologies is an authorized reseller of CBeyond, a T1 business class internet and voice provider. Huntsvilla Technologies also sells the Vertical Wave PBX and KSU equipment for installation around Loganville and around Atlanta Georgia.

Huntsvilla Technologies serves phone system installations and customers all around the Atlanta Area with internet and voice integrated in leading edge IT support and voice communication systems. Huntsvilla Technologies also sells and installs closed circuit video systems, security systems and other components of the low voltage infrastructure of sophisticated commercial and government office environments. Huntsvilla Technologies installes 100baseT and gigabit network backbones to upgrade offices and commercial requirements for stream-lines and cost saving leveraging of modern computing and network support systems.

Huntsvilla Technologies also provides other T1 and internet interfaces for businesses. The complete business suite of CBeyond T1 services provides a robust bottom line panoply of functionality but for leaner requirements other internet connectivity and voice conduits are available. Huntsvilla Technologies is located in Athens Georgia and also serves the greater Atlanta area, but is especially interested for commercial concerns in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Braselton, Buford Georiga, Stone Mountain, Grayson, Tucker Ga, Decatur Ga, Lithonia, Conyers and Covington Ga. Huntsvilla Technologies has recently completed a large scale project of a complete change over of telephone systems for the Covington Georgia city hall and city services infrastructure, including but not limited to many dozens of telephone extensions, multiple locations, internet, voice and closed circuit video.

South Carolina barrier islands

The South Carolina barrier islands are generally an area of marshes, sweet grass and sand dunes with Beaufort is the Sea Islands’ terrestrial base, sometimes referred to as “a little Charleston,” with magnolia trees, places to stock provisions restaurants, oaks and Spanish moss. South of Charleston and north of Hilton Head, click here for Google Maps. St. Helena Island history includes habitation by Gullah farmers selling collards and corn from pickup trucks and roadside stands. Gullahs worked as slaves growing cotton and rice but became freer after the Civil War.

The Ashepoo River empties into St. Helena sound south of the island which is home to Bonnie Doone Plantation of 10,000-square-feet. Built in 1931 as a replacement for the Georgian house, General Sherman burned the original Georgian house in his 1865 march to the sea. Post Civil War, Gullahs were neglected because the islands were thought of little value. There were few roads and no direct bridge, only by ferry and porter could visitors and residents move themselves and their goods to and fro. Riddled with insects, snakes and other critters, the islands were quite separate from Beaufort and Charleston, with one room ‘praise-houses’ and the native population that wove baskets from sweat grass and grew rice. The Gullah spoke an African tongue unique and evolved on the Sea Islands. According to linguists it is a dialect related to Geechee, both of which might also sound like a pigeon English.

Fame came for St Helena and Beufort with the works of Conroy who wrote The Great Santini and grew up on the Sea Islands as a teenager, even teaching at Beaufort High School in his twenties. Another Conroy work was filmed as a movie in 1990 called The Prince of Tides, starring Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte. But much more famously Forrest Gump has many scenes shot on St. Helena, Hunting Island, and Fripp Island.

An ideal hollywood set, the area has preseved culture lost in more traveled areas. Most African culture began to perishe with the slaves with none remaining. But the Gullah culture, first protected by the insulation of the island from the mainland and now preserved by a sense of pride and preservation, Marquetta L. Goodwine was named the “Gullah queen” by the United Nations. Marquetta spreads the word of Gullah culture and promotes the area with a national program of speaking to interested groups about the culture, usually in English but sometimes in the native Gullah tonguie.

Little time may remain to savour the pre civil war culture, like Tybee and Hilton Head the island is eyed for its potential by condomiinium developers and resort builders. Local businesses welcome the renewed interest but with a heavy heart for the in-evitable loss of the Gullah cultural tapestry. South Carolinians that have not taken in this unique backwater should visit before the next wave of construction which will undoubtebly change St Helena and Beufort forever.

Moving Companies

Moving Your Decatur Household

As Soon as Possible

Moving Company: Hire a moving company. Mak the Mover is very busy at the end of the month and on weekends. Some people hire the lowest priced moving company, and they don’t show up! Reputable services can get booked up and leave you stranded.
Salvation Army or Thrift Store: Get rid of all you can, and keep track, it may be a tax deducation.
Boxes: If you have a friend or neighbor who has moved recently, ask them if you can take some boxes off their hands. Otherwise, moving boxes should be heavy duty and uniform.
 Breakables and fragile items: Buy packing paper, it won’t stain your china or stick to wooden things.
 Heavy Boxes: Sit boxes of heavy stuff on the floor so that lighter boxes can go on top.
 Reserve the Elevator: If you are moving in or out of a high-rise apartment, reserve the elevator.

A Few Days Before You Relocate

Double Check Your moving company reservation: If you have not received written confirmation or an e-mail, with precises details, be very nervous.

Moving Day

Loading the Truck: Your movers will start with some heavy furniture and put heavy stuff toward the front of the truck first, including washers, dryers and refrigerators, then pianos and anything big and heavy.
Moving In: Do it once! take things straight to where they will go, if you have boxes for storage, the basement or closet, have them taken straight there. Don’t just dump things off or they get in the way. 

Moving Your Household

There is more to moving your household than just relocating your dining room table for one house to another.

First Things first

Transfer Prescriptions
Safety Deposit Box
Return Borrowed Items
Return Library Books
Return Rented Videos
Shut Off Utilities – See our list of utilities
Gym Membership: Transfer your gym membership.
Get rid of your Plants: They are generally not worth moving.

Last Minute Things

Dry Cleaning

Other Moving Tips

Carpets: Have the carpets cleaned in your new place.
 Appraise Valuables, check on insurance liabilities: Standard insurance plans cover general possessions up to a certain dollar amount and many homeowners policies may fail to cover anything broken in a relocation.
Tax-Deductible Moving Expenses: Do some research with your accountant or an accountant who specializes in tax-deductible moving expenses, to see what is tax-deductible for your particular move.
Moving Company Valuation: Moving Companies call their coverage for loss and breakage in transit ‘valuation’

Choosing an Atlanta moving company

Coworkers and friends can help you find a moving company with a good reputation, and reading reviews to get a feel for how the moving company treats its customers are a good way to choose an Atlanta moving company. With Google® and the internet this research is much easier than in the past, checking reviews and emailing family and friends. Relocating your household is not as simple as picking a florist, but a similar process to start with is used.

To move your home and furnishings effectively takes proper planning. Selecting the right Atlanta Moving Company is part of the process, and we want to show you why choosing Mark the Mover is a well justified conclusion and how to measure Atlanta moving companies in general. First of all, a reputable moving company should have a website with contact information that is easily found on the internet. Run an internet search for Atlanta Movers and Mark the Mover will be one of the first Atlanta moving companies. Make sure the moving company shows their street address on their website. Disreputable moving companies like to hold your possessions hostage for more money, and won’t show you their address. Other companies use fake addresses.

Don’t use a moving company with a fake moving address. One of our Atlanta moving company competitors lists the state capitol building as their address. Another uses the Five Points Station in downtown Atlanta as their address. There are red flags. When a moving company is dishonest with their customers as to where they are located, they may be in the habit of ripping off consumers. Some movers don’t seem to have an address at all, or their address is in an office or condominium building. This is also a red flag, as these may be moving brokers, adding their commissions to the cost of your move. They then sell your information to the most desperate moving companies that may not have enough money after these commissions to do a good job for you.

Read reviews, but pay more attention to Kudzu and Yelp than Yahoo or Citysearch. Some web-sites make it very easy for tricky brokers and fly by night moving companies to enter their own fake reviews. but Kudzu and Yelp do some policing. Watch out for reviews that are too good, or list a number or always mention the brand name. Some companies pay for reviews with discounts, gift cards or bribes. Sometimes they are even decent companies, but at Mark the Mover we never pay for reviews or do fake reviews. While I don’t like the idea of offering a discount or a bribe for a review, I am more wary of the companies that enter their own fake reviews, so look out for reviews that come in clumps, mention the brand name too much, sound too syruppy or just all look suspicious.

If a site has an overwhelmingly positive number of reviews they are either fake or a good sign you are on the right track. You can also find sites like the Georgia Public Service Commission and where they do an independent job of collecting complaints and measuring the quality of movers. These are actually better than the BBB which tends to favor companies that pay higher rates of dues. Then there is that Angie’s kind of a thing, that is very aggressive about preventing companies from posting fake reviews. If they discover that a company is using their uncles and neighbors for paid reviews, they probably have a sever frown for that.

Also the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (DOT) and their website collects information on movers, like our competitor that had their DOT revoked. You can look up fines and safety violations there. But remember, No company is perfect, but the more complaints at the BBB, the GPSC (Georgia Public Service Commission) and other consumer agencies the bigger the business better be, and if it is a brand new business, while they may have no complaints, they may also not be a good choice. Of course we also have a rival that changes the name of their company every year or two, claims to have been in business forever, but has no record under their current business name.

So when you are searching for the correct Atlanta moving company we hope you will consider Mark the Mover, but at any rate, know how to choose the right moving company, and we hope you have a successful houshold relocation!

Chinese finger trap

It cannot be divided between you and me. I am all of it. You are all of it. I am the one. You are the one. We are not separate, not two.  Can you stay with your true identity? Can you see it every day, each moment of every day? See it whenever it occurs to you to look. That’s all you need to do. Become accustomed to seeing everyday. See your inner simplicity, and witness the dance of life. Look both ways! Look in at the simple awareness and out at the spontaneous rise and fall of events. You will see no separation. These are one, not separate, not two. You are whole and total!  8. The seer flows like water Lying low along the way Nourishing whatever comes To be held on display The seer keeps to simple ways And therefore is content When joy or sorrow manifests To give complete assent If you can clearly be yourself And never rise to interfere Everyone will cherish you And always hold you dear  Water symbolizes the Tao in many ways. Here Lao Tzu refers to its nourishing qualities. All life depends on water.

It has supreme power over all living things, yet it makes no claim on what it creates. It does not seek preeminence. Water seeks the lowest places, and, in so doing, nourishes all it comes across. Can you see that you do the same? It is your nature to give life to all things. You give by giving awareness, consciousness to all things. It is your very nature to give. Can you see yourself giving life to all around you? Can you be this simple and clear presence?  9. Don’t fill a bowl Till it’s more than full Or sharpen a blade Till it must go dull Don’t pile up treasure That comes at great cost Approval and riches Are easily lost Can you only do What’s really needed Then stop and withdraw When your task is completed?  Enough is enough! Do you want to spend your life protecting your fame and possessions? Lao Tzu’s natural way is to do only what is called for by the present moment.  Do you want to give your life away to the pursuit of wealth? Do those who have more really have more? Or do they have less? They have to devote time and life to getting and protecting. Do they have time to let go, to see the truth? Living simply means enough is enough. Be satisfied with having just enough, doing just enough. If you take just enough, everything else is left!  10. Can you see as a child sees And keep the simple vision? See the inner oneness With absolute precision Hold all things in your embrace The entire world is in your care Let things be just as they are Extend acceptance everywhere Let go all need to comprehend The truth is here where all behold Their infinite capacity To welcome and enfold  Children do not imagine a head on their shoulders. They see that they are empty, room for the colorful world. They are space for their friends. They are nothing but awareness.  Can you see as a child sees? Can you see that in the place you learned you had a head and a face, you really have a void?

You really are a void. But what a void! It embraces the world. It welcomes everything. Of course, to others, you have a head, a face. But others are not in a position to see what you see, to see that you are empty to contain all things. Can you see it? Can you look? Will you look?  The Tao Te Ching was written in ancient China over 2500 years ago. Legend has it that its author, Lao Tzu, left China when he was very old. A gatekeeper at a mountain pass sensed that Lao Tzu had more than ordinary knowledge. He persuaded him to record his vision and philosophy before leaving.  Lao Tzu stayed two days and wrote the Books of Tao and Te – much of it in verse. The message is addressed to the One in all of us, the only One, the Seer. May his classic of 5000 words inspire you the way it has millions of others since those far off days, the way it has inspired me.   11. The empty hub at center Allows a wheel to roll The vacancy within defines The function of a bowl The openness within a house Provides location to reside The open space that is my heart Is where ten thousand things abide  A wheel can roll because of the empty hub. A bowl can be filled because it is hollow. A house can be occupied because the rooms are spacious. The manifest world exists because of the emptiness at your center, in your heart. You are space, room, capacity for the ten thousand things. You are room for all things, events, thoughts, feelings. All things have a home in you.  12. Too much sound can make you deaf Too many colors leave you blind Can you let desire die down And not leave emptiness behind?

Wanting things can drive you mad And acquisition makes you poor See that you are everything And leave off wanting more  Too much indulgence can make you deaf to the silence, blind to the void. Living solely for excitement means overlooking the quiet root of existence. Living for acquisition leads you to embrace and value aggression, makes you a slave to getting and keeping. Can you slow down enough to see that you already are everything? Value living from the truth and enjoying the world as it’s given.  13. Fame and shame are equal And so are gain and loss It isn’t very difficult To get this point across Having fame you know that you Are terrified to lose it Making gain you always fear That others will abuse it Can you see that you’re not like Your image or reflection? Just see you are totality By looking in your own direction The one who is not limited Accepts whatever comes or goes And cares for everything around On opening and close  There is no security in fame or in gain. These are just parts of the ever changing functioning or manifestation of objects and events, qualities and opinions. Fame and gain don’t last. They don’t even last a lifetime, which is only a flash in eternity. And if you should acquire wealth and fame, you will be the subject of the envy of others. You will have to defend them, fight to keep them. What a way to live!  Lao Tzu prefers another way, the way of doing nothing, nothing but seeing your true nature. You are not like your image in the mirror. You are pure awareness. You originate and accept all creation, including the image in your mirror. You are made to accept and receive and care for all things. Seeing this is bound to make a difference in your life.   My interpretation of the Tao Te Ching is based on the vision of headlessness discovered and tirelessly shared by Douglas E Harding. Don’t miss the chance to read his classic work On Having No Head. You can also find extensive information about his vision on  The Headless Way website. There you will find many experiments in seeing. Douglas would certainly say that the experiments are the heart of the matter. He would agree with Lao Tzu that words alone are not enough. Seeing is required.

14. When you look, it isn’t there Listen and you cannot hear it It seems to be beyond your reach Because you are so near it This single source of everything Appears to be an empty image Though it cannot be understood You can see its naked visage Follow it to nothingness Approach it where you have no face From nowhere to infinity This vacant image leaves no trace From never to eternity This naked face is what you are An empty, vacant, open door Forevermore ajar  Tao is awareness, which appears as void or emptiness. Can you see the emptiness in the place where others see your face? This is the emptiness or void that is your no-face or no-head. It is wide open for the world, for the ten thousand things of creation.  Your only task is to see this emptiness whenever it occurs to you to look. See your empty face, the void in its infinity and eternity each moment. You will also see the ten thousand things that occur in time and space.  Your own body is one of these ten thousand things that are manifested in you, in your awareness, in the Tao. See the truth of who you are. To yourself, you are not the body topped off with a head. That is your image to other people.  15. Those of old who knew the way To origin and source within Have seen the place where wholeness And infinity begin Alert as one on a frozen stream Or one who watches for the foe Deferential as a guest And generous as melting snow Plain as an uncarved block of wood Expansive as a vale Transparent just like water Whose clarity will never fail Can you keep yourself so still That muddy water clears? And wait until right action Spontaneously appears?  Simple societies have existed until very recent times. People in these societies valued the simple joys of everyday living. They lived easily in friendliness and peace. No one posed a threat to anyone else.  The people were alert and plain, polite and generous.