Cahri’s Bugs On-Line– Is is a “good bug” or a “bad bug?” Debbie’s Garden Tour– Debbie’s links are a little different then most–they are all tours of the authors gardens. My Secret Garden– Culture and sowing info for herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Mars Place Too –Pictures of the author’s gardens as well as flower photos and descriptions. A Utah Cottage Garden –Photographs and information on designing a traditional cottage garden.

Easy Gardening–A very original site with many interesting and different articles and ideas including themes such as “Art Gardens” and “Love and Love Lost Gardens.” McKenzie’s Lawn and Garden–Something here for everyone! Weekly gardening tips, a garden gallery of photos, and even safe pest control. Jackie’s Tennessee Garden–Hints on attracting birds and butterflies and many other gardening subjects. Songbird Meadows–Birding in the backyard.

The Green Gardener–A Canadian gardener who doesn’t profess to know everything about gardening, but would like to share what he/she has learned gardening for 11 years. Linda’s Garden–A Minnesota site, Linda has some wonderful ideas for getting children involved in gardening and has a new project every month. Gardentree–A landscape designer and working mom of three’s site, lots of photos, crafts, and info for zone 7 gardeners. LawnMaster’s Home Page–I’m not in to lawns, but this page is well done and a good source of info for all of you that are. Claudine’s Bonsai Home Page–Bonsai is as much an art as it is gardening. If you would like to create a “bonsai masterpiece” this is good place to get some ideas. [Only the first page is in french.] A &

C’S Gardening at Home–Lot’s of great garden photos, info on a variety of garden subjects and how to build a koi pond. California Gardening Home Page–This page is for all you Californians out there! It has a plant finder as well as calendars to help plan your gardening season. Horticulture Guy–Down to “earth” advice on gardening and landscaping by a professional. Linda’s Herbal House–A charming herbal page with a very unique presentation. “Calla’s Place”–Advice on how to garden and what to plant in Zone

5. Andy’s Greenhouse–Photographs of what’s blooming right now. Joan’s Home Page–If you have just gotten on the net, Joan has a good list of gardening mailing lists and usenets as well as weather sites. She also has a journal with notes on the past growing season–what worked and what didn’t! Fleur’s Home of Orchids–A good place for the orchid gardener to start.

kangaroo Advice/Improvements: your favourite animal, and why? Where you are from: Florida How you got here: I got a search engine, looked up baboons and read through Baboons!! and then returned to your home page. Comments: Joanie, I say you did a great job on yor homepage! It`s obvious that you like animals. When did you begin studying them??? I love animals, too. I have a ferret, my younger sister has a ferret, and basicly, I`m just trying to learn about ferrets, and along the way, I like other animals, too! Are their any animals you DON`T like?? I like all animals exept spiders and snakes. Why? I think they`re just creepy.

Everyday, thousands of animals are poached, slaughtered, hunted, trapped, poisoned, killed, and any other horrible activity done to them. If you think about it, for quite a while, the world would be a perfect place without us humans. Take a moment to think about it… Also, forests are being burned down for agriculture, homes, farms, or are being cut for paper, furniture, household products, and other things but that means losing animal habitat and some of the most valuable medicines, like the rosy periwinkle from rainforests used to cure childhood leukemia, a type of blood cancer. If we didn’t save the rainforests, we would have never found a cure 20 years ago and there would be tragic deaths.

A lot of pets are abandoned on streets and they have to fend for themselves. They have to face cars, trains, diseases, people, and other dangers and they usually die. Some people dump them in shelters which are overcrowded and are filled with disease. The people in the shelters don’t have enough money for medicine and have to rely on donations from people since they don’t get any support from the government. Some scientists say that by the year 2000, TWENTY more species of animals will disappear from the face of the earth, if we don’t do anything, which will be a tragic loss. Imagine when you have children and you can only see your favourite animals in zoos instead of the wild. Then you wonder what it will be like to see your favourite animals die in the wild and to only see them again in the protection of zoos and pictures. Even some reserves and sanctuaries aren’t safe. I’m trying to get the word out on saving these poor creatures that are misunderstood by providing you with some information of different animals of the world to give you a glimpse of what is actually happening to the world around us. If everyone in this world can do just a little, like recycling constantly, car pooling, planting trees, donating money, whatever, the world would be just a bit better.

If you have Crescendo!, turn up your speakers! If you don’t or you don’t hear anything, download Crescendo! at their site. Search for the animals by these groups: MammalsRanging from the largest like the whales to the smallest like the rodentsBirdsSoaring high in the sky or running fast on the ground, these guys are fascinating! ReptilesDesendants from the massive dinosaurs, these critters have resemblances to their ancestorsAmphibiansFind them everywhere – under logs, by the creek, swimming in your pool or bird fountain…

Even tho it’s kind of late, the spirit’s still living, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep on spreading it! For now, plz visit my webring or my “working”award pages. Oh yes, check out my What’s New? page, I’ve finally changed it! Not dramatically, but then there are additions! If you have Crescendo!, turn up your speakers! If you don’t or you don’t hear anything, download Crescendo! at their site. To test if you do, wait until the music loads below. The Phantom of the Opera