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  • The Incredible SpaceX Raptor Starship engines

    Florida today asked in 2021 how SpaceX got such cool names for their rockets. In this article they have a terrific photo of the Falcon rocket. But our favorite Elon Musk name for stuff has to be the Raptor engines. Raptor, love it. The new Starship Raptor engines are bigger and more efficient. On the […]

  • About the Florida Termite Rampage

    Florida is the termite capitol of the United States. A long skinny state with the ocean on either side, it is racked by tropical showers, and anything that is not made out of concrete is in danger of being chowed on by termites. Florida is known for having a significant termite population. In fact, Florida […]

  • Seminole Peoples

    The roots of the name Seminole are from late in the 18th century with the Muskogean word that meant wild, untamed or runaway. It is thought that the core of the Seminole nation decided to leave their Creek tribe or were banished. In Florida, the Creeks had earlier intermingled with the Choctaw, especially in the […]

  • Orlando

    Less than 50 miles west of Titusville is Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World. Straight to the east is Cape Canaveral, a section of marshy Atlantic Ocean coast owned by the federal government and used by NASA. More to the ocean goers tastes are Daytona Beach to the northeast, about an hour by car. Orlando […]

  • Florida Data

    2011-10-11 Florida data including data on information about Titusville at the¬†Florida Info¬†site. Catch a marlin or Mickey Mouse with ears in Panama City, restaurants in Miami and where to find a good cuban sandwich. Suitcase city and Tampa Florida with their cigar district and the Jai-Alai and the betting at the Tampa legal betting with […]