Gravel is rock or stone of a size range more than one half inch but less than two and one half inches in diameter. Natural erosion of big stones leads to the formation of gravel as does the banging of bigger rocks rolling down hills and crashing into smaller rocks. But for masonry, construction and road-building crushed stone and gravel are formed by mechanical crushers. Gravel is also used aesthetically as well as natural stone, pebbles and river pebbles are used in paths and gardens. Pea gravel is found in nature buy can be manufactured as well but requires an extensive tumbling process. If you ever tumbled rocks as a scout, you probably recall that the tumbling and polishing process requires many many hours and days of mechanical stone tumbling.

Georgia Manufactured Stone

Buckeighty has spent four decades providing natural stone products to the Atlanta area.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to cut natural stone as well as customize effects like a bullnosed stone edge. Additionally we have always supplied area masons with all their stone project needs.
Our line of manufactured stone offers a lighter weight and less expensive stone siding for homes that can replace dull wooden or vinyl siding with the remarkable look and durability of manufactured stone. Our experienced natural stone professionals have spent years refining a new kind of building material, manufactured stone veneer, which provides the look of natural stone at a lower cost, weight and easier to use.
We have developed molds and manufacturing processes to create a product used for building, renovation,, remodeling, commercial and for siding for homes.  We cast in flexible molds and incorporate integrated colorant with a variety of natural mineral pigments. Our lightweight aggregate materials create veneers approximately one-quarter the weight of full-thickness stone that do not create the weight burdens that prevent the use of natural stone.
Buckeighty ships their manufactured stone products to Georgia, South Carolina and throughout the south eastern United States. With five different faux layouts and dozens of colors and textures, our manufactured stone stone veneers come in the right choice for your project.

SC Rock

  • Igneous, granite
  • Sedimentary, sandstone
  • Metamorphic, quartzite
  • Metamorphic, marble
  • Igneous, quartz
  • Metamorphic, gneiss
  • Metamorpic, schist

Landscaping rock and stone

Stone paths using flagstones and cobblestones, stone for floors and patios, or as we sometimes call them stone decks are all on display at stone atlanta ga source The Buckeighty. Stone patios with outdoor kitchens, firepits, stone fireplace in a rock landscape environment including fountains and waterfalls of rock and stone are all on display toward Lake Oconee.

Homes and houses can also be built, added to and upgraded with our thin stone veneer process where less weight is applied to the frame reducing construction costs. If you have ideas in rock and stone, visit the Buckeighty. Our showrooms are full of rock and stone examples, we also carry landscape supplies like rock and mulch, stone pebbles, marble chips, slate chips and masonry supplies for stone construction.

Manufactured Stone Suppliers

When you need Stone Atlanta Ga place a call to the Buckeighty with locations in Georgia and South Carolina near Charleston. Natural Stone like Panola Drystack, Sequatchie Variegated Strip Rubble, Broken Georgia Granite, Old Mill Blend, Fieldstone, Pikeville, Limestone, Bluestone, Cherokee Flagstone and more are available.

Stone Atlanta Ga and rock, delivery available, on Oconee and Atlanta, also stone decks, firepits, outdoor kitchens

Hilton Head Stone Suppliers

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Supplies, Showrooms

  1. Buckeighty Natural Stone Showroom
  2. Atlanta Statuary
  3. Stone Veneer

Stone Suppliers

Atlanta Cobblestone, Oconee Cobblestone suppliers the Buckeighty Center in Monroe Georgia. Cobblestone streets are best known in England where they were an improvement over the mud that created dust and developed ruts. However, cobbles were so noisy that in England, the custom was to throw straw on the roadway outside the house of a sick or dying person to dampen the noise of carriage wheels on the Cobblestones. Cobblestones are sometimes set in permeable sand and offer flexing rather than cracking with movements in the ground, plus utility in a wide range of weather.

Georgia Limestone Fabrication

Limestone fabrication is a modern technique for producing architectural grade finishing pieces for limestone facades, walls and garden effects. The Buckeighty Center in Covington Georgia has a modern limestone fabrication facility in Newton County with limestone fabrication capabilities accessible to Atlanta, and the Buckeighty Center has an additional showroom on Johns Island in Charleston South Carolina. With three decades of limestone fabrication experience and natural stone fabrication, Buckeighty Center specializes in restoration projects and new construction and produces sustainable, finished product such as veener paneling, profiling arches, columns, capitals and garden effects like benchs and decorative pieces.

The Buckeighty Center produces large runs of edgework such as bullnose, demi, rounded, ogee, waterfall and bevel. Buckeighty Center also produces limestone countertops for unique outdoor kitchen finishes, and the Buckeighty Center Atlanta Showroom in Newton County offers a complete line of outdoor kitchen equipment and on display outdoor kitchens in our outdoor outdoor kitchen showroom. Buckeighty Center has a nine acre yard near Conyers and Covington Georgia with architectural stone, landscaping stone and stone boulders in stock.

The South Carolina climate is perfect for outdoor living, and fall is the perfect time for looking at outdoor kitchen projects. Outdoor fireplaces keep away the bugs in outdoor kitchen formats that blend perfectly with a stone deck and patio outdoor entertaining format with deluxe fabrication capabilities from The Buckeighty Center for limestone countertaps and limestone fabrication.

Manufactured Stone

Manufactured Stone is lighter and more economical than veneer cut dimensional natural stone. At the Buckeighty Center in Newton County we are suppliers of both. One third between Atlanta and Lake Oconee, our Covington Georgia showroom features outdoor kitchens, stone fireplaces, pottery and garden statuary.

We are also a supplier and producer of domestic made Georgia manufactured stone. Our stone can be specified for homes, stone sidiing for houses and stone for commercial facades. Lighter and with complete application information our manufactured stone goes over garage doors and wondow transoms without significant reinforecemnt.