Salem Road Corridor

The Salem Road Corridor zoning district extends along Salem Road from I-20 south to the Newton County line. The Salem Road Corridor Association extends into Newton County incorporating subdivisions in both Rockdale and Newton County Georgia. The Salem Road Widening Project stretches from I-20 south to Brown Bridge Road where ground is breaking for the new Wal-Mart store in Newton County.

Salem Road extends slightly north of I-20 in Rockdale County past the Dogwood Connector to Old Covington Highway where Salem Road becomes Sigman Road. Even long time residents think of Sigman Road which loops from the Salem Road exit of I-20 around to its own exit six miles to the west. But the Salem Road corridor is on what is strictly called the Salem Road exit of I-20, or exit 84.

Rockdale County and Newton County Exit Numbers

  • 78 – Sigman Road
  • 80 – West Avenue (Klondiike)
  • 82 – 138 (Georgia Highway 20, Stockbridge Highway, Old McDonough Rd, Horsepark)
  • 84 – Salem Road (the Other Sigman Road exit)
  • 88 – Almon Road (Crowell Road)
  • 90 – 278 – the beginning of the Covington Ga Strip
  • 92 – Alcovy Road – near City Pond
  • 94 – Hazlebrand – Home Depot and Walmart in Newton County

Salem Road Widening Project

In 2007 a study with the State of Georgia, Engineering consultants and the community around Salem Road outlined plans to widen Salem Road in Rockdale County and Newton County Georgia to six lanes from I20 south to Brown Bridge Road. The road is to be rerouted slightly west at Salem Campground and the old cemetary around Spring Road. More information is at Salem Road Corridor.

Conyers Ga, Rockdale County, Newton County, Covington Georgia

Salem Road Widening

Rockdale County Georgia – Newton County Georgia

Information on the widening of Salem Road is sought after by residents of Conyers Ga and Covington Ga. where a web-site maintained by the Salem Road Corridor Associationis posted to help residents on the I-20 corridor east of Atlanta who head south on Route 162 from I-20 as a part of their travel plans understand the upcoming Georgia Department of Transportion plans to widen Salem Road to six lanes.

Newton County Georgia, Rockdale County, I20 to Brown Bridge, Rt 162

The plans would re-route Salem Road substantially where it currently passes Salem Campground, to west of the cemetary.