Category: Solar Power

  • Can I Charge Here

    Electric cars typically come with a standard plug for charging that is compatible with most charging stations. However, there are different types of charging connectors and charging speeds, and not all charging stations may be compatible with every electric car model. To ensure compatibility with different types of charging stations, some electric cars may come […]

  • The roots of Mercedes Benz

    On December 31, 1878, a guy named Karl Benz applied for a patent for a two-stroke engine design. Numerous patents had been pursued for the four stroke engine and Benz sought to patent an idea in a less crowded technological arena. In addition to Benz’ designs, several fundamental patent ideas followed for the two-stroke engine […]

  • Charge Controllers

    VOLTAGE RATING Most solar panel arrays are designed for 12 VDC. Combinations in series could produce 24 or 36 VDC. But the better approach is to stay with a 12 volt system and charge a 12 volt battery system. a dozen 12 volt car battery array could run your refrigerator for up to a week, […]