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    When I was growing up, a garage was a place with a tar paper roof detached from the house where mom put her car to keep it out of the rain. It was a big garage with an attic that got really hot in the summer time and a bunch of old things were stored […]

  • two stroke engines

    The earliest two stroke engine patent, by Karl Benz, seems to go back to 1878 in Manheim Germany. The first challenges were to compress the air and fuel mixture, to mix the air and fuel, to spark the ignition source and maintain the forward velocity of the air fuel mixture. Early two stroke engine designs […]

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    Huntsvilla Garage door Birmingham Garage door repair is on google maps! We repair and replace garage doors around Birmingham Alabama and perform all adjustments and maintenance to keep your garage door working smoothly. Our expert garage door specialists also can replace your garage with a new door. If your front door has become weathered and needs more […]

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  • Buford Ga Roofing Companies

    Buckeighty Roofing has spent 18 years in residential roofing, asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing and even commercial metal roofing in and around Buford Georgia, Lilburn and Braselton. Buckeighty Roofing has been around for Georgia residents in the north east suburbs of Atlanta with its excellent warranty. When replacing asphalt shingle roofs with quality roofing materials, the […]

  • Atlanta Roofing

    We don’t generally put a lot of thought into the roof on a house we buy or build but there are some things to know about the roofing materials that we have to choose from when replacing an asphalt shingle roof. The roof contributes to the look of the house, so when building a new […]

  • Lawrenceville Roofing

    If you are in need of shingle roofing for your home, we hope you will consider giving Buckeighty Roofing a call. Our roofing experts have been in the roofing business for almost 20 years, and have experience not just with roofing but with home construction too. Since very little new home construction is happening we […]

  • Athens Ga Roofing

    Asphalt shingle roofing has a lifespan in residential roofing applications generally of 15 to 35 years. Most asphalt shingle roofs should go at least 20 years and sometimes 30 years, but wind damage, hail storms and other environmental factors can take their toll on a roof. In Georgia the most economical asphalt shingle is the […]

  • Atlanta Roofing Companies

    Company athga Roofing will work with your insurance adjuster on hail damage. Click on the link for our phone number. Contact us today – and you may qualify for low cost roof. athga Roofing serves customers of Conyers Roofing, Cumming Roofing, Loganville Roofing , Covington Roofing, McDonough Roofing and will work with insurance reimbursements on […]