Crating Services

International shipping of crated goods requires for many destinations heat treated wood to meet the target country’s wood crate guidelines.  This insures that your shipment will not be impounded because of fears of insect infestations.  Mark the Mover provides Atlanta crating services for crating required for shipping, storage, air freight, reusable crating, artwork crating and storage and crating for trade show exhibits.

Atlanta Office Moving

When for Duluth Ga households it comes time to move to a new home, moving is never easy and yet moving ourselves was the only option especially when we were getting out of college and early in our careers. It’s a little easier when you hire local movers from Atlanta. Having a local moving company packing the boxes and furniture from the house into the truck and then drive the truck whether moving locally or long distance is easire. They drive to the place where you are moving and unload the truck to your new house. That makes it a lot easier for you. Of course, you can still opt to pack and unpack boxes.

When you know that a move is coming, you will want to make sure that you plan in advance and begin packing immediately. Start by packing seasonal items. Mark the Mover can even pick up and vault entire loads of stuff to get it out of the way. Summer moves with the christmas stuff and winter wardrobes out of the way gives you more room to finish the pack, or stage your home. Throw things away and sort out the things that you do not need immediately. It will also give you the chance to pack in a way that the unpacking will be a lot easier.

One strategy that you can use moving is to plan to pack the truck at night, but then wait until the morning to go to unload it. Mark the Mover does have a small charge for parking the truck in our gated and secure yard overnight, but we take care that your posessions are sage. The local movers in Atlanta can help make this arrangement. The benefit of this is that you are more rested when it comes time to unload the truck.

Moving is never fun, but it is nice to get settled into a new home. Whatever you can do to eliminate the pain of the move will make the move that much nicer and easier. Mark the Mover Atlanta.

Office moving Atlanta

Mark the Mover Atlanta Georgia moving company has moved our neighbors for more than three decades. Our household moving services including moving, crating, packing and storage. Packing services include packing kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, basements, garages and attics. We also perform crating services for longer distance moving services.

The process of packing the truck and securing the load is often overlooked by amateur movers. Mark the Mover moving professionals at Atlanta’s most established moving company make liberal use of moving blankets and moving straps to secure the load as well as have years of expertise at packing the moving truck to make the load fit well and work together to prevent the load of household goods from shifting during the household relocation process.

If you have ever rented a moving truck, you know that there are extra costs for moving blankets, moving straps, four wheelers and two wheelers. At Mark the Mover there is not extra charge for these items used during the moving process. In fact, feel free to inform your certified moving professionals about any extraordinary needs, such as plenty of blankets that might be required if you have many rooms of furniture. Typically though, during our sales process, we will know even better than you to have the supplies needed for moving your household.

A feature of Mark the Mover is our platooning on larger moves, and our ability to dispatch a large enough crew to get your move knocked out. Household moving at Mark the Mover can cost as little as $ 250 for a small move, where two men can make a short trip within the two hour minimum as mandated by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

But Mark the Mover usually does larger moves, however we do not use tractor trailers for local moving, rather we will send multiple local delivery moving vans on a larger moving job. This allows us also to send larger crews, since many trucks only seat three men to the cab. Additionally, once a truck is loaded, the next truck is moved into place and your household is moving like an assembly line to the new moving household location

Office Moving

Vaulted climate controlled storage for movers and relocators is a traditional side business for American moving companies. This type of long term storage service is a contrast to the popular self service self storage facility. While many moving companies feature as a part of their range of services the storage of household goods, moving companies associated with self storage moving do exist.

Storage vault storage and climate controlled storage is offered north of King Plow in Atlanta. Mark the Mover believes in giving a first class service and value for money to the people and businesses whether you are moving locally or across the country. At Mark the Mover we give you first class service and value for money. Moving home is not something people do lightly. On contact with our office, our staff will arrange for an estimator to go over your requirements. We offer a full packing services and move pianos. Whether your move is local or nation-wide, all our relocations are dedicated delivery. All of our staff are fully trained and uniformed. Our team has many years of experience in household relocations. We also offer labor to pack and unpack U-Haul trucks though we recommend Penske.

Mark the Mover is a cost effective, stress free way to move home and store your things. Our services are first class full service and we specialize in everything. Moving our households shouldn’t be one of the most stressful things we ever do, but when we hire the cheapest moving company it will be. Web-sites that advertise the lowest price are sure to be a front operation for a moving scam. See the web-site We move all of your belongings out of the old house and into the new home all on the same day but also offer storage options that help relocators with multiple homes and different moving windows. We also have movers and packers to pack everything up so it doesn’t take several days to pack. Almsost 100 percent of movers use our moving crews for some unpacking and final arranging of furniture at the unpacking end of the househld mover. We decided to do something about the hassle and grief that comes with moving your house. We drive the van. We carry the furniture, We pack the truck and expertly strap and tie down to secure your items.

We decided to do all this to save homeowners from the headaches of dealing with one company to rent a truck, another to rent storage and then to hire helpers or risk our family and friends in helping us move our household goods. We do it all and you don’t need more hassles on moving day. We also carry a full line of moving and packing supplies to help you pack your possessions safely and securely as well as helping you with full service packing if you can afford and need it.

Alternatively, if you are still trying to sell your home then why not de-clutter it using our movers and storage. Even if you rent a self-storage unit near your old or new home, call us and for as little as $ 250 we will arrive with our truck and tranpsort the clutter to storage while expertly packing the storage unit. This is based on two hours during the week at the middle of the month. A de-cluttered home gives potential buyers a greater feeling of space and is widely considered to increase the chances of obtaining the asking price and getting a quicker sale.

Georgia Movers

Smart movers have some resources to protect themselves from unscrupulous movers.

Moving companies in Georgia are required to hold a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.  As of July 1, 2005, the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) became the state agency responsible for certifying movers and enforcing state regulations regarding the handling and moving of your household goods.  The rates of licensed professional movers must not exceed those published in the Maximum Rate Tariff.  Unlicensed movers operating outside the law may provide little or no protection for loss or damage to your property.

The PSC’s authority extends to ensuring that an intrastate company is operating within the transportation rules and the tariff.  On their web site, in the Transportation section, you will find a list of the licensed professional movers doing business in Georgia, as well as a helpful Moving Guide with tips for avoiding problems when you move.

When planning a move, you can check the reputation and complaint history of various companies with the PSC, the Better Business Bureau, the Georgia Movers Association and the American Moving and Storage Association.  You might also want to visit the web site.

Mark the Mover has been Atlanta Movers for 32 years.

All household goods shipments are moved under limited liability.  You may purchase additional liability coverage from your mover if desired.

Should you have a grievance concerning your move within the state of Georgia, you must first submit a written claim within 90 days to the carrier, which in turn has 90 days to resolve the matter.  If your complaint against a Georgia moving company is not resolved, the PSC can assist you unless:

  • The point of origin and destination are within the city limits of the same incorporated municipality.  In this situation, if you have pursued a claim unsuccessfully with the carrier, your complaint must be dealt with in magistrate court or through a private attorney.
  • The point of origin or destination is in another state.

For further information or assistance, please contact:

Georgia Public Service Commission
244 Washington Street, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Toll-free in Georgia: 800-282-5813
Metro Atlanta: 404-656-4501
Fax: 404-656-2341

Any complaints or ongoing claims against a carrier in a state-to-state move should be filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which operates under a somewhat different set of rules.   In this case, claims for damage must be filed within nine months after delivery.  The mover must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 30 days and must either deny it or make you a settlement offer within 120 days of accepting the claim.

The Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) handles complaints against movers that involve violations of the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act, such as false, misleading or deceptive advertising.  You may contact OCA to report a suspected violation of this nature.

Tips for avoiding or resolving moving problems

Duluth Ga Movers

Mark the Mover is from Atlanta but we take a great deal of pride in helping relocation customers from Duluth Georgia, Sugarloaf, Buford Ga, Flowery Branch and Oakwood Ga. Now there are some little moving companies right there in town if you are from Flowery Branch, for example, and if you live in Duluth or Norcross there are some bigger companies. Some moving companies in these areas are even affilliated with national van-lines. But still a lot of people call on Mark the Mover and our 33 year repuatiation because they know they are making a smart relocation decision when they do so.

Mark the Mover moving company is not affilliated with any national van-lines, but we have done moves to Washington State, Washington DC, California and even Oregon. But we are primarily a local moving company offering local moving services. Our long deitance moving usually consistes of moving customers to local states like Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Still, even more of our business comes from Duluth Ga moving customers and moving customers all around the Atlanta area calling on Mark the Mover to do local moving. So if you are looking for Duluth Ga Movers we hope you will consider calling Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018. We are not a cut-rate moving company. We do a good job, and leave the moving horrors to the other companies competing for the lowest rates by cutting moving services. We did not build our reputation by failing to make it right when mistakes, as they do happen, are taken care of. In fact we offer three levels of moving protection. The government oinly requires that moving companies offer a standard re-imbursement for household goods of 60 cents per pound.

At Mark the Mover, for a nominal fee, we offer an enhanced coverage called moving valuation in two flavors, with a standard deductible and with no deductible. Customers that elect to take a zero deductible valuation for their household goods are guarenteed of no possilbe losses in the moving process. Choices like these are just one reason the Duluth Ga Movers call on Mark the Mover.

Local Moving Company

Central to Atlanta, we can move in town and all around

We sell boxes at our Howell Mill Location

Mark the Mover has helped Atlanta Families with their moving needs for more than thirty years. We are located near midtown not far from the Pepsi plant and La Cantina Nueva Lareda fine mexican food. We are near the corner of Carroll Drive and Marietta Blvd behind Olympic Flame. Also check out Best Atlanta Moving Companies. Also please visit Packing supplies Atlanta for information on box sizes, and room kits for moving and packing. local listing can be found at movers and packers. Bing is the Microsoft search engine and their local listings cover company address and contact information as well as the Bing review system so consumers can leave reviews and search for moving companies with a solid track history of relocation excellence.

Household Relocation stories

Some moving companies insist on being paid in cash before they unload a single box. They generally have jacked the price up also. Don’t waste the time of our police officers, they will tell you this is a civil matter, which it is. Be sure have enough cash on hand to to get the show on the road, or you will suffer further storage fees. You made a poor choice, probably by only shopping for the lowest price.

For local moves and small moves that can be completed the same day, call to get an estimate of hourly charges. Weekends and the end of the month will always be more expensive than midweek and midmonth moves. Summer moves are higher than winter moves. This is one of those facts that other companies won’t be forthright about. Movers that offer lowball pricing and are not honest about their capacity and load can let you down, so that low price might turn out to be a giant hassle.

Georgia Moving Superlist

Atlanta Moving Companies

Atlanta, Decatur, Druid Hills, Marietta, Johns Creek, Gainesville, Lilburn, Tucker, Snellville, Roswell, McDonough, Kennesaw, Milton, Mableton, Newnan, Villa Rica, North Atlanta, Hampton, Cumming, Woodstock, Palmetto, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Stockbridge, Suwanee.

Services, local moving as well as long distance and interstate moves. – Local Movers Atlanta – Atlanta local Movers

If you just need a moving company in Atlanta to help you move from one side of the city to the other, then we are the Atlanta movers for you. We can provide you with an honest estimate that you can rely on. You can count on our excellent service. We will pack everything in your house. In order to estimate the cost of moving, we determine the size of the crew and the time and distance of the move, we also ask questions to determine supplies you will need

Whether you our Atlanta movers to help you pack, unpack, or both – We also dissemble and reassemble most furniture. We can access every residential building in Atlanta with our local moving trucks.

The Best Long Distance Moving Company in Atlanta for the edges of the state of Georgia and moving to and from Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky and 48 continental United States. Atlanta Long Distance Movers, expedited full service moving, dedicated to fast moving turnaround.

If you’re planning on leaving the state, Mark the Mover will be sad to see you go; but we can still help you get there. You can contact one of our representatives 6 days a week to discuss the details of your move. Our Atlanta movers can help you move your household. Careful packing to ensure your furniture is protected. We understand that when you move, you may need household goods storage. Storage for your items when you are in the midst of relocation, climate controlled storage, Licensed and Insured Atlanta Movers, When you move with us, your household is safe. We offer supplemental valuation coverage as well as storage valuation.

We can provide also a Certificate of Liability (C.O.I.) Building Coverage for commercial moving, Commercial Movers Atlanta, If you operate a business, we can offer you all the same services available to our residential movers. We are a tried and true commercial moving company in Atlanta, we have worked hard to bring our services to you. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing our commercial movers Atlanta service

High tech office and commercial relocation expertise, On-site coordinator to accomplish your move in the quickest amount of time, Our moving company in Atlanta can serve any business, even up to 50,000 square feet of office space – Our equipment is better and more modern that our competitors – Best Atlanta movers 24/7 customer service that will never keep you in the dark – All jobs are completed in a timely fashion by Atlanta movers – Our Atlanta movers will protect every single piece of furniture before it is moved

Packing Materials from our Atlanta Movers. Packing service Atlanta. If you want to do most of the packing yourself, then we can provide you with all the highest quality packing materials. Special Movers Atlanta packing for your silverware, glassware, and china – Bubble wrap for your fragile items – Special Movers Atlanta clothing boxes so your clothes will arrive wrinkle free – Special Movers Atlanta cartons with crushed paper for your appliances Our movers can help you no matter what your situation is. Find out why we are the among the best moving companies in Atlanta by giving us a call today. Moving Companies; Movers in Georgia.

Our Movers offers moving companies services Georgia, Atlanta. commercial , office, residential. As Atlanta Moving Company located in Atlanta, Georgia we are licensed and insured moving company. Our Moving and Storage Company in Atlanta, Georgia offers consist of packing, local moving, long distance moving, international packing and loading and moving within State of Georgia. We also perform moving and transport for both residential and commercial customers in Atlanta. We make your relocation simple by providing customer service for each step of your Atlanta move. As local Atlanta mover, we perform domestic and international packing, storage, local moving, long distance moving, home moving, help labour services such us loading rental trucks and containers, in building moving, movers in Atlanta and entire State of Georgia.

We know our customers depend on us to provide the most professional, trust worthy services in the moving industry. We take pride in serving customers during one of the most stressful times of their lives. We are your best choice for residential moving, commercial moving and corporate relocation in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a full service Atlanta moving company from packing and crating to Atlanta warehouse and storage options. If you are planning on moving sometime soon, you have come to the right place to find the best moving company in Atlanta, Georgia. Our customers have consistently rated us as one of the top Atlanta movers again and again.

We strive every single day to meet your moving needs. Our dedication to do a good job at a fair price and this has helped us build a base of loyal, satisfied customers.

Moving Companies Atlanta Georgia Movers

Moving movers relocation


Atlanta’s Mark the mover offers local and long distance relocation in 48 states specializing in the southeast, Georga, and Local Atlanta Moves. Our professional movers show up on time with modern moving trucks and plenty of moving supplies. Weekends and the end of the month are busier than mid week and mid month, so call today to reserve your crew at (404) 351 0018.

Moving Company Atlanta Mark the Mover has offered top customer service since 1978.

Mark the Mover has excellent ratings for customer service meeting relocation needs on kudzu and yelp

Mark the Mover has crews available for this weekend and next, call early to reserve your team

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover’s professional moving crews show up on time and they look good too

Mark the Mover has discount moving supplies – call us before you move

Mark the Mover has a moving and relocation checklist at Mark the Mover

Free Atlanta Moving Tips
Information on moving Insurance Free from Mark the Mover!
Marietta Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation.
Roswell Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation.
Smyrna Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation.
Snellville Movers and all of metropolitan Atlanta Georgia Moving, storage and relocation.
Atlanta commercial IS/IT service for the advanced enterprise offer ninja class virus removal, vpn, firewall, t1 and dsl network distribution, php, sql and lamp based web enabled customer service.

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Moving Companies Atlanta

If you are moving from Greenville SC to Atlanta Ga call Mark the Mover in Atlanta, we will come get you in one of our modern 26 foot moving trucks (or two or three if needed) and move you as quickly as you can be loaded and headed for Atlanta. While the big national moving companies may take up to a week to move your furniture and handle it several times, our dedicated trucks and dedicated drivers will handle it just twice, once to load and once to unload.

Atlanta Movers Mark the Mover for Atlanta Georgia is a moving company that concentrates on local moving but also does long distance moving. Many local movers are affiliated with national van lines but Mark the Mover is an independant local moving company. For long distance moving, unlike the big van line companies, Mark the Mover offers excpetional service by dedicating trucks to the household that is moving. We do not pack several loads on a single moving van, we diedicate the truck and crew to the move, as soon as they have loaded your household goods they travel with you to your destination. Movers to South Carolina and Florida have remarked that Mark the Mover arrived at their home within minutes of them making the trip themselves.

At Mark the Mover, by sticking with our way of doing things, we have earned a loyal following of Atlanta customers. While we are by far not the largest moving company in Georgia, or even Atlanta, our business is dependent on referrals and repeat moving. We know we have to treat our customers with a level of service that they have become accustomed to. While less established moving companies have raced to match the quotes of sometimes less than trustworthy moving companies, Mark the Mover refuses to cut quality or our level of service, because we appreciate the fine reputation that Atlanta Movers have helped us to build.

Mark the Mover has three decades of moving experience and is a licensed Georgia moving company with the authority to operate in 48 states. Atlanta Ga Movers Atlanta Ga Movers

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