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  • Minivan Hit By Amazing Series

    It was a amazing fall day in October, and four college students were driving the minivan to the forest preserve to plant trees, a big hit because they got extra credit from their guidance counselors. The students were all wearing their seatbelts. The driver was a lacrosse player named Jack, and he was very careful […]

  • The importance of relevance in link exchange

    Reciprocal links have been a mainstay of link building, and we all still get emails with reciprocal link requests., but the value of this approach has degraded with the enhancement of search engine algorithms. Google, yahoo and bing have realized that webmasters with a penchant for backlinks will trade with other website without regard to […]

  • B.O.L.O.

  • How to pick a computer, 2015

    One debate that rages on in the computer arena is over what operating system people should adopt. The place to start is by knowing what you intend to do with the computer, play games, surf the internet, email, pictures, video and audio or maybe even develop software. First and foremost, many young computer users seek […]

  • python poplib example

    The Python poplib example allows even beginning programmers a way to write a computer program to look at their email inbox. We have all struggled with the search capabilities of various email programs. But Python is a real game changer. Another library that is useful in this task is the re or Regular Expression library, […]