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  • The sorry Credit Suisse story

    Credit Suisse was a global financial services company based in Switzerland. The company offered a wide range of financial services, including investment banking, private banking, wealth management, asset management, and retail banking. Credit Suisse was founded in 1856 and grew to become one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The company had a […]

  • MBM Consulting and Training

    Effective Meetings and Problem Solving Self-awareness is the cornerstone of the philosophy by which MBM Consulting and Training operates. Our first goal when working with people in organizations is to help them assess where they are in their attitudes and skill level. This awareness will bring them closer to understanding what they need to accomplish […]

  • Tallest Building

    On December 31, 2004 Taipei 101 opened as the tallest building in the world, just barely edging out Chicago’s Sears Tower, now called the Willis Tower. Since then it has been soundly beaten by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Sears Tower and Taipei 101 were both less than 500 meters in height, while Burj Khalifa […]

  • Burma Shave – 1950’s – form 1040

    At School Crossings Heed Instructions Protect our Little Tax Deductions

  • QR Codes, how consumers use them

    QR Codes have a low rate of adoption, are they

  • Atlanta ERP Companies

    ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a term that evolved from MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning or even Materials Requirements Planning going back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, IBM Mainframes and the Mapics software package. Early MRP was used by manufacturers with bill of material explosion requirements when the very process of recording a product […]

  • Tulip trading

    The 1630s in Amsterdam was the time of the great Tulip Bulb Bubble. “Tulpenwoede” or tulip madness approached its apex in 1637 when bulb contracts, particualarly for Semper Augustus, exceeded 5,000 gilders. Perhaps fueled by speculators and gamblers, most professional tulip practitioners avoided the wild market. While 5,000 gilders could buy a house, just a […]

  • Stock options trading

    Ask The Wiz Wealth Institutes proprietary P.A.I.D.™ alert indicator system allows atwwi members to maximize profits “REAL TIME”, click here the atwwi P.A.I.D.™ alert indicator system notifies atwwi members via text message, anytime/ 24 hours a day / per market conditions, sent directly to their cell phones, indicating both domestic and international market movements that are monetizable […]