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  • Browns Mill Recreation Center Open

  • Stonecrest plans $2.1M purchase

    The city of Stonecrest plans to buy an old Sears facility in a popular part of town and turn it into a public safety building. The City Council approved the $2.1 million purchase Thursday.

  • September 2019 Stonecrest Mall Murder Time: 11pmDate: 2019-Sept.-29 SundayLocation: courtyard between an arcade and a movie theater at The Mall at Stonecrest in LithoniaPredicate: argument, shoutingVictims: One (1) shot in back Video at

  • Judge rules on Adoma

    Article II, Section 2, Paragraph V of the Georgia Constitution isn’t some crazy secret. It’s not mysterious. It’s not fine print. It’s a touchstone of Georgia politics. Resign to run: that’s the law. The law is as plain as it is unassailable

  • Mall at Stonecrest

    The Mall at Stonecrest (often Stonecrest Mall) is a four (4) anchor shopping mall in Lithonia, Georgia along Interstate 20 in eastern metro Atlanta. The Mall of Stonecrest is off exit 75 on Interstate 20 at Turner Hill Road. The Mall at Stonecrest opened in October 2001 on the growing I-20 corridor. Near the mall is a Walmart Supercenter and Nalley Hyundai and Nalley Toyota,…