Packing Services Atlanta

Households relocating with Mark the Mover

Mark the Mover offers moving boxes that are built for moving, with extra heft and strength. Our small box is excellent for books, dvd’s, kitchens and bath stuff, and pick up plenty of packing paper to make your moving experience free from mishaps.

Our medium moving box is perfect for packing contents of dressers and even bulky items. One tip is to pad things like stereo and computer equipment with the contents of dressers. Our large moving box is good for packing comforters and pillows, lighter weight items that have a lot of bulk but do not weigh a lot.

We also have a dish pack box, that is large and roomy, yet is double strength for packing kitchens. We will use a two wheeler to transport these boxes, as they get heavy even when using lots of packing paper. For Atlanta moving and packing supplies remember Mark the Mover can not just relocate your household, we also have full service packing.






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