Moving Companies Near Duluth Ga

Folks looking for a moving company near Duluth Ga often pick Mark the Mover, and they pick us because of recommendations of friends and neighbors. With over three decades of moving company experience in and around Atlanta Mark the Mover has moved a lot of people. At Mark the Mover, our primary marketing focus is on providing a good moving service for our customers.

Mark the Mover gets more customers because they moved with us in the past than for any other reason. This allows us to spend less on advertising and marketing than less established and more desperate moving companies. We also don’t buy leads. If you fill out one of those forms on a website promising a call from up to five different moving companies, don’t expect a call from Mark the Mover. The moving companies that will be calling you simply don’t have the reputation and the number of happy moving customers that we have at Mark the Mover.

Another means that consumers use to find a good moving company is to look for online reviews. Two websites that folks often use are Yelp and Home Reports.

We mention quality when it comes to reviews, because you can’t always believe the reviews. Sometimes companies leave reviews for themselves, so consumers should watch out for that.  Yahoo is the worst for reviews it seems, some companies review themselves in waves. You won’t see a new review for a month or two, and then all of the sudden there are a dozen reviewers just glowing about how great the company was. One trick we use is to take the text of the sentence and search google, and we usually find that the same dripping praise is repeated for dozens of company locations all over the United States. Fat chance of that happening for real.

So the best kind of review, from family or co-worker, is the type of review that works out best for Mark the Mover. Ask around, and we are sure you will find people that were happy with the household relocation services attained from Mark the Mover near Duluth Ga. 






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