When we move into our first apartment, when we are young, we haven’t much furniture and our friends are all young and ready to grunt and struggle with any heavy furniture. But as we accumulate more worldly possessions we start to think about hiring a moving company. First, there is the hassle of renting the moving truck. The pickup truck that used to handle everything in one or two loads now is just not big enough to handle much furniture. Multiple pickup trucks are still a lot of loads and a lot of trips. Then there is the need for things like furniture pads, furniture dollies and all the boxes we need while moving. And even if we spend a few hundred dollars renting a big truck and the pads and the equipment, who is going to drive it? Also, the cost of renting that truck keeps going up and up the longer it takes to load and unload.

At some point we start looking for moving services from a moving company, where they come with a truck and the helpers and load and unload. For local moving services, the first instinct is to get a low price. But we learn after the first time we move in this manner that the price of the first hour of moving services might have little to do with the total price of a move. We shop and we shop, and we thought we had a good deal. But too many times we hear that the truck was too small, or the crew was not motivated, they begged for a tip before the job was half done, the showed up late and the total bill seemed way too high.

At Mark the Mover, we really try to give you an honest idea of what a move will cost. For some first time purchasers of moving services, this approach costs us customers. But in the long run, they come back. In fact we get more of our business from repeat customers than any other category. They say that the average American moves several times in their lifetime, and after making a mistake or two choosing a trusted and reliable moving company, customers that finally come to Mark the Mover just seem to keep coming back.

Our professional and well attired crews arrive with big clean trucks, ready to take on the need for moving services, big or small. We don’t beg for tips, that is entirely up to you. But sometimes we are asked what an appropriate tip amount would be. For a small job, ten or twenty a man is plenty, and for big jobs, our customers sometimes tip more. But no tip is required, our movers are well paid, insured under workmen’s comp and have full access to health, 401-K and all the fringe benefits of a great company. That’s why we have many crew leaders that are requested by name at Mark the Mover.

So if you have decided to lower the stress level on moving day, call us and reserve your slot. We never over book so call early and get on the schedule, you can then be assured that your movers will be on-time, motivated to move your household quickly and safely, so you can enjoy your new abode. 







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