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Cave paintings in the Lascaux cave discovered in France in 1940 may have been an example of early commercial painting. Commercial enterprises promoted here were the acquisition of meat through hunting and without advanced hunting techniques the spare time to develop philosophical pursuits would not have been possible. Painting a water tower is for Painting Co just as important a commercial endeavor as hunting and philosophy was to the cavers.

A fascination for paintings and painting might lead you to just want to hang paintings, but we are more concerned with the commercial painting of water towers and storage tanks, as well as piping and commercial facilities even like Marta stations in Atlanta. Whether you would just like to paint the exterior of your commercial or industrial building or are interested in painting your church or a complex industrial facility, no painting contractor has more experience in commercial painting.

While hanging a painting may give you a personal satisfaction in your own cave, the beauty and good will of painting your commercial facility is not only rewarding but projects a successful and responsible attitude to consumers. Municipalities requiring commercial painting for a water tower can also rely on commercial painting services from Painting Co.

Ask yourself if you are willing to settle for a rusting water tower or a flaking paint job on the storage tanks at a commercial enterprise in your neighborhood. Not only is rust an indication that high costs of repair will be incurred if the industrial assets are not reconditioned and protected from corrosion, they are an indication that your company is not doing well. You do not need to send the wrong message to consumers of your brand name image.






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