Alpharetta Movers deserve good moving companies

At Mark the Mover, located near midtown Atlanta, we will be glad to come up to help you with your household moving project in Alpharetta Ga. But most of all, we want to make sure our friends and neighbors in Alpharetta get a square deal in their local and long distance moving project.

We have long recommended that consumers who are hiring moving companies for the first time in their life, and want to learn about the moving industry use the web site – These people started a forum on moving because one of them learned that there are moving companies that should not have been trusted in the moving industry. It is with deep regret that I even mention that, but the fact is, anyone with a truck can pose as a moving company. At Mark the Mover, we have even gotten bad reviews from people who thought they were using Mark the Mover, but they were dealing with a guy that faked some of our letterhead! So, we get burned too, and it just isn’t right.

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