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When you’ve picked your favorite manual garage door and are ready to complete your home with it, then you’ll want to have a good idea of what is usually involved in the installation process.

Rather than automatic garage doors, manual is a still available when the door weight permits. Manual doors, of course, are easier to install than automatic. They also offer a simpler approach to security, in the event the alternative automatic opener may not offer security protections, in the form of a simple lock and key. Due to their simplicity they also need less maintenance.

Installation requires one to secure the door with a torsion spring system. This kind of installation generally requires only a drill, its bits, a hex wrench and an open-end wrench.

1. Attach flag jacket and horizontal angle and connect to the jamb.
2. Next connect torsion tubs and the springs then place them in each bracket
3. Measure the length of the release of the spring and then tighten the screws to the torsion tube
4. Tight your left side drum then the right side drum
5. Attach the tube retainer and wind the spring
6. Then it’s set so lift your door and park it in


This is the most basic and stripped down steps necessary for most manual installations. Refer to your installation manual for more details.

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