Web Design vs Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort that ultimately brings the consumer to your product or services.

Some of us understand that their are plumbers, roofers and painters, and even guys who do a little of all three. When we need a little help with new faucets in the guest bathroom, we may have the time to wait for our handy neighbor to help with the installation. But when our septic is clogged, on a Sunday afternoon, a call to the local rooter may not be avoided. They have special equipment and are often on call 7 days a week for just such needs.

Website owners should understand that Search Engine Optimization and Web Design are different processes. While most SEO know a little about WordPress or html and the website design people know a little about inbound links or depth of content. When you receive the benefit of a good SEO firm (and there are a lot of fake SEO companies out there) you not only get a fresh set of eyes but a complete panoply of search engine optimization and promotion heuristics to be applied to long term organic results.

Both disciplines require the use of HTML and various media to create the page. Web Design, while it contains some technical aspects, is an artistic venture using a framework within which your company’s image and logo as well as valuable information is incorporated. Good designers have a set of options for the site’s look and feel, navigation and artistry of the website. Web Design might be analogous to interior designer on a house. The interior designer selects the color and selection as well as placement and positioning home’s decor.

While this may be important in your field, we must also consider the return on investment for the web-site. The most beautiful website that is rarely found by the prospect has little chance of earning back your investment. So the greater the effort on designing a web-site, the more sense it makes to invest with equal aggression in the promotion of the web-site. It is not enough to simply set up a Facebook® page and hand out business cards with your website address. Despite the claims of the social media advocates, only a small percentage of consumers would use social media to find your company. For both business to business or consumer and commercial find the information for dealng with a project that might entail your companies goods and services, the point is to invest most heavily in the most used medium for finding companies.

Drum roll please. The Yellow Pages is not the most used, and neither is AOL. Today it is Google®. SEO companies watch these trends and complement the money you spend on web design with a prioritized approach to showing your site where relevant in internet searches. While web designers have complete control over the color and placement of the text and media the optimizers use that layout like a paper boy, to deliver the news to every home they can reach. Web Design creates a layout and structure for your website and SEO delivers that message.

While reviewing this with a client, we used www.Amazon.com as an example of a web-site that doesn’t have the most appealing pages or the best written product descriptions. But it is utilitarian and despite Amazon’s almost complete dependence on internet searches and visits for every sale, they choose to invest more in SEO than into design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the effort that ultimately brings the consumer to your product or services. It is more than just the paper boy, it is a paper boy that know which house is shopping for a plumber and which is needing a new roof. Search engine experts like us folk at Web-Atlanta go beyond the look and design of the website to details subtle to humans but vital to the search engine programs. Alt tags, text, keywords, HTML tags, meta-tags, and media tags all are considered to one or another search engines. Companies like Web-Atlanta go further to promote with articles, classifieds, anchor text, massive numbers of links even social media and paid advertising, also called PPC or pay-per-click. We know the heuristics of the search engine providers, primarily Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have vast experience in the local listings for Google search Results and Bing search results. At this time we have abandoned the Yahoo local listings is irrelevant, and a wasted investment.

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