Office Movers Atlanta Ga

Doctors, dentists, retail and professional, commercial customers look for a trusted office moving company in Atlanta to quickly and conveniently relocate their enterprise on moving day. With more than three decades of experience in moving and storage, Mark the Mover has grown from Mark and his pickup truck cruising the avenues of Virginia Highland and Morningside to a fleet of local furniture vans ranging in size from 22 foot to 30 foot boxes.

Mark the Mover uses moving carts for commercial relocation, so that computers, desks, office supply closets, photocopy rooms, fax machines and retail counters get placed directly on the wheeled cart, shrink wrapped, and delivered to the precise location desired without the need for the extensive use of packing materials, waste of corrugated boxes, and the inconvenience of disposing those items at the tail end of the commercial relocation effort.

Contact Mark the Mover of your Atlanta office moving needs at 404-351-0018.