Used Restaurant Equipment

Bell Auctioneers are liquidators, trusted for nearly 20 years to get the maximum price for the food service equipment, restaurant fixtures, supermarket and cafe deli department utensils, in fact everything that can be turned into cash and working capital.  When the Lennox Varsity Jr. closed in Atlanta, Bell Auctioneers liquidated the entire restaurant in one day.  After 40 years, the owners decided that they would not be able to convince the City of Atlanta of their need to rezone and reconfigure the traffic patterns at their facility near the corner of Lennox and Cheshire Bridge.  After fighting years of congestion and city bureaucracy, the difficult business decision was made to close this restaurant location.  The best and most established Atlanta fast food restaurant chose the most trusted and reliable liquidators for the job.  Bell Auctioneers created a successful and exciting event that left the owners with nary a napkin remaining.