Office Moving

Vaulted climate controlled storage for movers and relocators is a traditional side business for American moving companies. This type of long term storage service is a contrast to the popular self service self storage facility. While many moving companies feature as a part of their range of services the storage of household goods, moving companies associated with self storage moving do exist.

Storage vault storage and climate controlled storage is offered north of King Plow in Atlanta. Mark the Mover believes in giving a first class service and value for money to the people and businesses whether you are moving locally or across the country. At Mark the Mover we give you first class service and value for money. Moving home is not something people do lightly. On contact with our office, our staff will arrange for an estimator to go over your requirements. We offer a full packing services and move pianos. Whether your move is local or nation-wide, all our relocations are dedicated delivery. All of our staff are fully trained and uniformed. Our team has many years of experience in household relocations. We also offer labor to pack and unpack U-Haul trucks though we recommend Penske.

Mark the Mover is a cost effective, stress free way to move home and store your things. Our services are first class full service and we specialize in everything. Moving our households shouldn’t be one of the most stressful things we ever do, but when we hire the cheapest moving company it will be. Web-sites that advertise the lowest price are sure to be a front operation for a moving scam. See the web-site We move all of your belongings out of the old house and into the new home all on the same day but also offer storage options that help relocators with multiple homes and different moving windows. We also have movers and packers to pack everything up so it doesn’t take several days to pack. Almost 100 percent of movers use our moving crews for some unpacking and final arranging of furniture at the unpacking end of the household mover. We decided to do something about the hassle and grief that comes with moving your house. We drive the van. We carry the furniture, We pack the truck and expertly strap and tie down to secure your items.

We decided to do all this to save homeowners from the headaches of dealing with one company to rent a truck, another to rent storage and then to hire helpers or risk our family and friends in helping us move our household goods. We do it all and you don’t need more hassles on moving day. We also carry a full line of moving and packing supplies to help you pack your possessions safely and securely as well as helping you with full service packing if you can afford and need it.

Alternatively, if you are still trying to sell your home then why not de-clutter it using our movers and storage. Even if you rent a self-storage unit near your old or new home, call us and for as little as $ 250 we will arrive with our truck and transport the clutter to storage while expertly packing the storage unit. This is based on two hours during the week at the middle of the month. A de-cluttered home gives potential buyers a greater feeling of space and is widely considered to increase the chances of obtaining the asking price and getting a quicker sale.