Office moving Atlanta

Mark the Mover Atlanta Georgia moving company has moved our neighbors for more than three decades. Our household moving services including moving, crating, packing and storage. Packing services include packing kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, basements, garages and attics. We also perform crating services for longer distance moving services.

The process of packing the truck and securing the load is often overlooked by amateur movers. Mark the Mover moving professionals at Atlanta’s most established moving company make liberal use of moving blankets and moving straps to secure the load as well as have years of expertise at packing the moving truck to make the load fit well and work together to prevent the load of household goods from shifting during the household relocation process.

If you have ever rented a moving truck, you know that there are extra costs for moving blankets, moving straps, four wheelers and two wheelers. At Mark the Mover there is not extra charge for these items used during the moving process. In fact, feel free to inform your certified moving professionals about any extraordinary needs, such as plenty of blankets that might be required if you have many rooms of furniture. Typically though, during our sales process, we will know even better than you to have the supplies needed for moving your household.

A feature of Mark the Mover is our platooning on larger moves, and our ability to dispatch a large enough crew to get your move knocked out. Household moving at Mark the Mover can cost as little as $ 250 for a small move, where two men can make a short trip within the two hour minimum as mandated by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

But Mark the Mover usually does larger moves, however we do not use tractor trailers for local moving, rather we will send multiple local delivery moving vans on a larger moving job. This allows us also to send larger crews, since many trucks only seat three men to the cab. Additionally, once a truck is loaded, the next truck is moved into place and your household is moving like an assembly line to the new moving household location