Household Relocation stories

Some moving companies insist on being paid in cash before they unload a single box. They generally have jacked the price up also. Don’t waste the time of our police officers, they will tell you this is a civil matter, which it is. Be sure have enough cash on hand to to get the show on the road, or you will suffer further storage fees. You made a poor choice, probably by only shopping for the lowest price.

For local moves and small moves that can be completed the same day, call to get an estimate of hourly charges. Weekends and the end of the month will always be more expensive than midweek and midmonth moves. Summer moves are higher than winter moves. This is one of those facts that other companies won’t be forthright about. Movers that offer lowball pricing and are not honest about their capacity and load can let you down, so that low price might turn out to be a giant hassle.

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