Duluth Ga Movers

Mark the Mover is from Atlanta but we take a great deal of pride in helping relocation customers from Duluth Georgia, Sugarloaf, Buford Ga, Flowery Branch and Oakwood Ga. Now there are some little moving companies right there in town if you are from Flowery Branch, for example, and if you live in Duluth or Norcross there are some bigger companies. Some moving companies in these areas are even affilliated with national van-lines. But still a lot of people call on Mark the Mover and our 33 year repuatiation because they know they are making a smart relocation decision when they do so.

Mark the Mover moving company is not affilliated with any national van-lines, but we have done moves to Washington State, Washington DC, California and even Oregon. But we are primarily a local moving company offering local moving services. Our long deitance moving usually consistes of moving customers to local states like Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Still, even more of our business comes from Duluth Ga moving customers and moving customers all around the Atlanta area calling on Mark the Mover to do local moving. So if you are looking for Duluth Ga Movers we hope you will consider calling Mark the Mover at (404) 351-0018. We are not a cut-rate moving company. We do a good job, and leave the moving horrors to the other companies competing for the lowest rates by cutting moving services. We did not build our reputation by failing to make it right when mistakes, as they do happen, are taken care of. In fact we offer three levels of moving protection. The government oinly requires that moving companies offer a standard re-imbursement for household goods of 60 cents per pound.

At Mark the Mover, for a nominal fee, we offer an enhanced coverage called moving valuation in two flavors, with a standard deductible and with no deductible. Customers that elect to take a zero deductible valuation for their household goods are guarenteed of no possilbe losses in the moving process. Choices like these are just one reason the Duluth Ga Movers call on Mark the Mover.