Suwanee Roofing

If you are a Suwanee Georgia homeowner looking for a reliable and established roofing company for your Suwanee roofing needs, Buckeighty Roofing Co comes from Braselton Georgia and provides new asphalt shingle roofs for houses all around Atlanta. Asphalt shingle roofs have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years but their lifespan can be limited by storm damage and hail damage. In the last couple of years, many roofs have been damaged by some very violent hail storms, especially in Buford Georgia and Monroe Georgia.

Insurance companies were paying out claims for hail damage but a slowing economy and the number of other claims have severely tightened the market for insurance paid roofing claims. An average homeowners policy of 750 to 1000 dollars a year simply cannot cover a new roof every few years and still have the escrow to help homeowners hurt in truly dire situations, for example the recent heavy storms that hit the Atlanta area.

The insurance commissioner has been saying that the storms have caused 75 million dollars in damage in Georgia, but the numbers are sure to rise. Still the damage to asphalt shingle roofs in the Atlanta area pale by comparison to the tornados of Birmingham Alabama and the expected flooding along the Mississippi. Hundreds were killed not to mention homes entirely lost in recent high winds and tornados.

So even if you cannot use your homeowners insurance to replace your asphalt shingle roof, Suwanee homeowners replacing their roof should use an established roofing company from Braselton Georgia, because Buckeighty roofing has 18 years of excellent workmanship using high grade roofing materials. Buckeighty Roofing stands behind their roofing product, and offers a free initial roofing consultation.