North Carolina Tennessee

People wonder why the North Carolina sports teams like the UNC teams came to be known as Ter-Heels. Well we researched the problem and put the answer on our North Carolina Data Information Web-site. North Carolina is a state on the East Coast of the United States with Atlantic Ocean frontage and the city of Wilmington NC in the southern parts of the ocean parts. Near Wilmonton North Carolina are areas like Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Camp Lejune Marine Corps Base and the Croatan National Forest. North Carolina rises in elevation away from the ocean making the state topographically diverse more like California than Florida.

Cape Fear, NC is the scene of the famous thriller adapted by Hollywood into filmography. North Carolina features city centers like Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh. Raleigh has a tobacco sounding name and North Carolina has a rich history as a tobacco state. The state is also a center for banking, and has a long tradition of pine products like pitch and turpentine. The High Point area was for many years a center for furniture making and the rich supply of hardy pines helped fuel that industry.