Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is so big, it has it’s own zipcode. Half way between Nashville and Louisville Ky, it is a little north of Bowling Green Kentucky. According to their web-site, the first person to explore Mammoth Cave did so 40 centuries ago, and the cave was lost to even the American Indian for nearly 2000 years before approx. 1800, European settlers once again began to explore the cave. Mapping the cave became an obsession for German geologist Max Kamper in 1908. Read more at the National Park Service at

Little known nor long remembered is the Battle of Perryville, near Lexington Kentucky. More of an accidental skirmish than an anticipated and sought after meeting of Union and Confederate forces, the Battle of Perryville, also known as the Battle of Chaplain Hills. Both sides were scouting fressh water for their troops and horses when they met near Perryville. Nearly 900 Union soldiers and over 500 confederate died in what some call one of the bloodiest battles of the War between the States. Read more at Wikipedia