Garage Doors

One may think, “One size fits all” when thinking about garage door openers, however, you might be surprised that there may be just a few things you need to consider.

Openers are mechanical drives, usually made up of a type of drive mechanism, springs, tracks and brackets. Styles of drive mechanisms can come in belt, screw and chain driven, with each offering differing abilities.

  • 1. Belt drive: These drives, are the quietest of the three and ideal for openers operating in close quarters with living spaces, such as a room above the garage. These are better for lighter doors.
  • 2. Screw drive: The second most quiet and durable. The kind of mechanical drive in this makes it ideal for a one piece swing door type and are more powerful than belt driven openers.
  • 3. Chain drive:  The most widely used and durable. Chain drives are preferred in most cases due to their strength, which allows them to open any door you want to throw at it. The drawback is more noise than the other drives, but the longevity of this style of drive is best for doors that may be frequently opened and closed throughout the day.

Drives not only come in three different drive types but in different power types, from 1/3 hp to as much as 3/4 hp. A professional installer can help you pick the right power for your door. Each engine can also come with AC or DC power types, with direct being more ideal for softer operational stops and starts, and thus, the best option for a frequently used door.

There are additional features available for your opener in today’s market also. Infrared sensors  are  a helpful safety feature to prevent the door from becoming a hazard when closing. Automatic lights provides ease of movement when getting out of your vehicle, in an otherwise dark garage. Lock-down modes offer the ability to disable the opener in set times for extra security. Opener anti-burglary coding prevents “code grabbers” from using tools to read your opener codes and trick your doors into opening. And lastly, a convenient improvement, is a battery backup system, allowing for opener operation during blackouts.

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