The Pentagon

While give a Washington DC address by the United States Postal Service, the Pentagon is in Arlington County Virginia, adjacent to the Arlington National Cemetery and the Potomac River. Headquarters to the United States Department of Defense, the five sided building was designed by American architect George Bergstrom and dedicated in January 1943 during the height of World War II after less than 18 months of construction.

The Pentagon is also known as the world’s largest office building with 25 to 30 thousand employees housed in the building. The building is actually a complex of five story corridors to comply with Washington DC’s general architectural flavor which is devoid of towering buildings. The Washington Monument is the peak of Washington DC’s architecture and no skyscraper or other edifice will ever change that.

The Department of Defense is also sometimes what we mean when we refer to ‘The Pentagon’ and the terms have become interchangeable. The Pentagon complex consists of a series of five sided ringed corridors and the center of this complex is a large courtyard, historically known as Ground Zero, a name given to it during the Cold War with the Soviet Union when it was assumed that a Soviet ICBM was targeted at the building. The ringed complex allows ample light to enter thousands of offices as well as fresh air keeping the thousands of office workers just steps away from a connection with the outside world, no matter what floor or office they inhabit.