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Google, yahoo and the Bing search engines are responsible for 98 percent of the searches and results for businesses. All three have unique and competitive business directories that allow business owners to list and enhance business information with product lines, services, forms of payments accepted and even hours of operation, a useful feature for storefront listings.

Some business owners struggle with the fact that the white and yellow pages are no longer widely used to find businesses and phone numbers. Search engine results are improved by optimization (SEO) but the work to achieve results can be confusing and un-fruitful. However, business owners can lay a foundation with the SEO tactic of directory submission. Bing, Yahoo and google are directories, as are Manta, Hotfrog, Merchant Circle and Kudzu. When you begin directory submission as part of your overall marketing strategy, here are things you need to know.

Web directories are lists of websites broken down by category. As a business owner when submitting your site, you should know that most directories offer paid and free listings. If you are new you might consider trying three months paid in various directories, but you should have a prospect feedback system to measure effectiveness. Links from directories to your web-site are part of your much needed inbound link library, and search engines place high value on links from popular directories.

As a business owner, you can buy directory submission, but you should proceed with this strategy only after first thoroughly defining the primary directories. Paid submission can garner a staggering number of directories in a short amount of time, little short term benefit is received compared to the big guys, Bing, Yahoo and Google Places.

Manual submission is time consuming, and the lower value directories are a good candidate to be given to a niece or nephew or hiring an offshore link building company. Offshore submission presents a whole new set of problems. Better directories are human reviewed, and poor spelling or grammar may find your listing rejected.

If you’ve managed to create a web-site and need help in the world of SEO and directory submissions, consult with an Atlanta SEO expert who will help you create your overall internet marketing strategy, and can help you determine how directory submissions can drive traffic to your web-site and gain phone calls. An internet marketing expert can advise you on which directories are worth your time.

SEO professionals identify niche directories that can create a large amount of targeted traffic to your site.