Restaurant Equipment Hobart

Major manufacturers of Restaurant and Food Service preparation equipment;

Hobart, based in Troy Ohio, manufactures and distributes ovens, fryers, coolers and dishwashers for a short list. Hobart is known for helping Herbert Johnson, an engineer in 1908 at the company, develop the first mechanical mixers for baking. The mixer has become an important tool in food preparation, pharmaceuticals and even plastics and petrochemicals. Anywhere a batch of ingredients is combined in large scale a mixer is used.

Hobart first made famous the KitchenAid line of mixers. To spur sales, Hobart created citrus juicer and meat grinder attachments for their home mixers. For home use though, the KitchenAid was outshone by the Sunbeam Mixmaster.

Hobart was founded in 1897 as an Electric motor manufacturer, and rapidly found that they should create applications for the electric motor to increase sales.

Hobart Restaurant Equipment