More natural birth and breech babies

Atlanta Georgia Chiropractor certified in the Webster method.

Chiropractors have come to recognize that a mothers skeletal health and well being can contribute to the inability of the baby to gain the proper attitude before birth. Your baby is not being un-cooperative, rather the stress of the added weight and change in abdominal pressures can lead to spine and skeletal misalignments that in turn lead to muscle spasm and discomfort and the baby is never truly free to work within the mothers womb. The growth of the baby in the womb must proceed as naturally as possible without irritation that we all would feel in our spine and rib cage when a child grows toward birth term.

Breech babies used to be delivered vaginally much more frequently than in today’s litigous age, doctors fearing lawsuits are quick to perform cesarean surgery. While some might argue compellingly that the risk to the baby is minimal and that the risk and stress to the mother are acceptable, biblically and logically parents committed to their families and as concerned for the health of the mother, risks of infection, and thousands of years of evolution frequently wonder whether they are exposing mothers to risky surgery in childbirth too frequently.

There are three common forms of breech babies, feet first, butt first and butt and heels first together. Today’s incredible ultrasound techniques allow doctors to clearly see the attitude of the baby well in advance of delivery, and mothers seeking vaginal delivery often conflict with their doctors as to the risks of natural birth vs. surgical birth.

Mothers seeking natural birth have sought ways to turn the baby into head-down natural position to avoid breech by visualization, swimming, pelvic elevation on the back, yogic cat stretches, gentle belly wiggling, massage, acupuncture, special diets, knees to the chest, walking and medical turning.

Only the medical turning is widely reported to be painful and stressful, all these techniques are good for the mother and relatively painless, except perhaps acupuncture, especially if you are afraid of needles. However, many Americans see little logic in the acupuncture approach, and try without success the gentle home approaches and seek a natural method of turning a breech baby that is not stressful, yet is effective.

Some Chiropractors are certified in the Webster’s Breech Technique. Skilled practitioners report over 85 percent success with only three treatments, with no more pain or discomfort than mothers see in a normal pregnancy. The medical community is increasingly recognizing a few Atlanta area Chiropractic Doctors as being valuable for families planning the best balance of the mother and infants health with healthy and natural vaginal births where possible. For more information on turning babies Atlanta contact the Conyers Family Chiropractic Center on Salem Road in Rockdale County.