Local Business listings

Companies and even bars and restaurants have been developing web-sites for years, and some have even organized their web presence by making the most of the companies presence in directories like DMOZ, google places, bing and yahoo local. However, there are minor differences between the needs of a stationary business where consumers come to see products or use services, and service businesses that consumers need at their home. Atlanta businesses needing to evaluate and update their strategies rely on MSInc – Web Atlanta to manage their internet strategies. Business owners have relied on us to recover hijacked local listings, web-sites that are lost to hosting companies out of business and ongoing updating and expanding of the on-line presence of a company.

MSInc – Web Atlanta has web presence maintenance plans that start for small companies at less that $ 1000 per year. We also handle the marketing of companies doing millions of dollars in annual business. The first thing we do is to find the areas where a company is the weakest in their overall search engine strategy. Most consumers are no longer using yellow pages and white pages to find your business and it is time to make certain your company has a phone number found quickly on the internet. For example of you search for ‘Atlanta Google Ranking’ and click on the first link you will find our phone number.

We also look at the internals of your web-site and conduct keyword frequency studies. We add link exchange modules at some point and recommend you do some light linking with friends and neighbors. Many websites also benefit from a link building process, we use the Yahoo site explorer to evaluate the inbound link population and look to get a website linkages of between 50 and 1000 depending on the size of the company. We have engaged in marketing companies that had little exposure and found their traffic triple in less that six months. That is three times as many people gettting your phone number quickly and easily or being exposed to your brand-name.

For optimization of your internet strategiy to fit your business we have programs for different budgets, but generally recommend a company spend at least one half of one percent of their gross revenues on the internet, and we can show you how to do that effectivly. Contact Atlanta SEO to help your company get new customers from thin air.