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Groen, now a member of the Unified Brands group of manufacturers is a line of American built food service equipment products in Jackson Mississippi. Groen began moving from Elk Grove Village Illinois to MS in the mid 1980’s. Groen was a family built stainless steel restaurant equipment business that operated plants on Pratt Blvd in Elk Grove Village when it was sold to the Dover Corporation in the 1970’s. The Groen name was expanded to cover braising pans, steamer ovens and both table top and industiral sized kettles.

The Groen steam jacketed kettle line has long served industries like food processing, pharmaceutical and all heat to liquid large batch cooking operations with and without mixing components. In its standard line the TDB model is a self contained electric tilting 20 and 40 quart stainless steel kettle suitable for restaurant and small batch production. The DEE line (pronounced D-Double-E) is a larger floor mounted tilting kettle capable of batches from 80 to 240 quarts depending on size.

Groen also offers kettle with integrated mixers, constructed of stainless steel with replaceable nylon blades, Groen steam jacketed kettle offer lights out long cook mixing and agitation for increased versatility in all cooked liquid applications requiring constant mixing and preventing any surface sticking. The Groen designed mixer / scraper blades provide a constant gentle rubbing with the inner jacket surface to prevent the cooking of the batch to the jacket. Groen also likes to refer to the mixer options as paddles which more accurately describes the non abrasive action of the nylon paddle on the stainless steel side of the kettle.

Applications in bakeries, private mess galleys, dining areas and food preparation plants abound as well as integration with the Groen CapKold system. Mixers are driven by electric motors and jackets are heated electrically, with gas or direct steam. Safety precautions must be observed around large kettles as it is possible to fall in or to tilt hot contents onto selves. Stainless construction simplifies preventive maintenance and cleaning and sanitizing. Foodservice equipment sanitation in cooking and serving two different types of steam-jacketed kettles in use Steam-jacketed kettle Steam is supplied to foodservice spaces for the use of the steam-jacketed kettles foodservice steam potential lethal Steam-jacketed kettle kettle Steam is internally supplied through a sealed “vacuum” system. kettles. Steam-jacketed kettles are used to prepare a variety of food items such as soups, sauces, vegetables, meat, and beverages. kettles are permanently mounted on a pedestal or three legs and have a hinged lid or cover. steam inlet connection, a steam outlet connection, and a safety valve. Some steam-jacketed kettles (or trunnions) handle on the side tilt the kettle and pour contents kettle prepare gravies and sauces. Kettles Never fill the kettle completely full.