Clogged sewers and slow drains

If you have taken a bath or shower and found standing dirty water then you may have slow or clogged drains or sewers. Or perhaps when doing laundry the suds back up and we might think of those toxic chemical drain cleaners. But those are not only not environmentally firendly but they are often a waste of money when it comes to drain cleaning. If you want to deal with the problem, use a licensed Atlanta plumber for a check-up and it will cost less in a long run. Other poblems are smelly and stinking drains and bathrooms, or worse yet the laundry room. Blockages in the drains and sewers have many reasons like simple hair blockage or your kids may have thrown toys into the drain and blocked it. A blockage can also come from the sewer pipe where creeping tree roots may require the examination of your sewer line by a professional plumber who can rooter the plumbing and then use a camera inspection to find  out the exactl cause or your plumbing woes. Using chemical treatments on the drains is at best a temporary fix and probably won’t work at all. Chemicals do nothing other than leave your toilet or laundry room smelling of toxins and are harmful to the planet. It better to use professional Atlanta plumbers to assess and remedy  your drainage problems with the help of the proper tools. But before the plumber is called, you can try a plunger, which is a usefule tool to dislodge the blockage, and sometimes a permanent solution. Environmentally friendly, a water plunger produces suction in the sewer pipes and toilets. Leave some water around the drain or in the commode and then try using the water plunger to create suction in the drain pipes with the help of the remaining water. The suction might dislodge the blockage. If not, a plumber will use a snake or an auger to do a rooter job on the sewer pipes. Using long flexible steel coils to dislodge stoppages in curved drains and sewers is a common job for plumbers. Also a camera inspection can be performed to assess the state of the sewer lines.

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